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Re: [Archamurthi- a doubt]

From: M.S.HARI (Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari) (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 18:51:09 PDT

Dear Shree Lakshminarayan Krishnaswamy,

1. The Lord Shreeman Narayanan exhibits himself in five forms which are
Para, Vyuha, Vibhava, Antaryaami-Haarda-Roopa and Archa. In all the 
forms, the Lord is the same with all his divine qualities. The instance
that you have mentioned regarding Lord Oppiliappan is not contradicting
this because, the Lord's Archa-Avatara is dated before Lord Venkata

2. You have said that in certain temples, the archa-moorthis are in
very bad shape with flakes, cockroaches abound in sanctum sanctorum
etc. Such "Anaachaarams/apacharams" are not allowed and such are
result of lack of dedication on the part of the priets/temple authorities.
If such a situation questions hygenic conditions, then it is better not
to eat the prasadam. This is not in any way to show disrespect towards
the Lord but only to make the priets/temple authority to  realise their
mistake. Of course, the financial position of the temple also has a 
hand on these issues. We can help such temples to restructure it.

3. Though we think that the archamurthy is made of some material, one
should not inquire into it. After the archamurthy is concercated in
the Kumbhaabhishekam etc., the archamurthy is considered as made of
Sudha-Satva - the trancendental material and not the trigunya material.
The Lord's archa-form is divine like that of Para-Vasudeva and it is
always Subhaasraya.

4. The periodic restoration of archamurthy is prescribed in the agamas
with lot of rules and regulations. The reason for these restorations
not being done in certain damaged temples is due to lack of interest in
people and lack of funds (finance). Once the restoration is done
as per the prescribed rules in the agamas-saastras, the moorthy becomes 
the manifiestaion of the Lord in archa form and is all-powerful as
Para-Vasudeva. The Lord is present inside and outside everything. 
Therefore, he is very much in archa-form.

5. You said {"In the case of some DDs the Srivaishnava archamurhty is 
found inside the saivite temple. Why is this? Is this not a pointer to the 
Siva - Vishnu unity?".} Could you please name such a divya desam? I 
request you to kindly understand one point that Siva is different and
Vishnu is different. Both are not the same. But everything is the body
of Vishnu and Vishnu is soul of everything. In some divya desams like
"Tiru Kandiyur", you can find the Siva temple inside Vishnu temple.
In such places, Siva's temple is present because Siva has come to 
pray at the Lotus feet of Vishnu to get his sins removed by the divine
mercy of Vishnu. Please note that Vishnu is Lakshmi Pati who is different
form all sentients (Jeevas-Chit) and insentients(Achit). Vishnu is
called ParaBrahman, Paramaatman and Purushothaman. Vishnu is alone
declared in the Veda as the only cause of the universe, identified by
ubhaya-lingam(two identifications) namely "Akila heya pratyaneekatvam"
and "Ananta Kalyaana Gunaakaratvam" - Vishnu is untouched by all
impurities of the universe though He is present as soul inside and 
outside all universe And Vishnu infinite with infinite number of divine
qualities. On the other hand, Siva (Paarvathy Pati) is a Jeevaatman like
us but having certain powers granted to him by Vishnu.

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI Ramanuja Dasan.

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