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Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 20:02:43 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas:
The synopsis of SlOkas 8 to 22 is given below.
Anbil Ramaswamy
(Translations by Sri P.N.Krishnaswamy Iyengar)
BrahmAdaya: suragaNA munayO atha siddhA:
SathvaikathAna mathayO vachasAm pravAhai:/
Na AarAdithum puruguNai: adhunApi poorNa:
Kim thOshtum arhathi sa mE hari: ugrajAthE://           8
" PrahlAda said " Devas including Brahma and all Rishis of old have not been 
able to fully worship the Lord. Such being the case, by what praise from me 
(who is born of asura origin) will ever please Him"
manyE dhana abhijana roopa thapa: srutha Oja:
tEja: prabhAva bala pourusha buddhi yOgA:/
na AarAdhanAya hi bhavanthi parasya pumsO;
bhakthyA tuthOsha bhagavAn gaja yoothapAya//            9
"I think that mere riches, family, beauty, penance, skill, strong will, 
bodily appearance, fame, strength of body, bravery, intelligence and yOga 
practice - all these twelve are not useful for the worship of the Lord, if 
wanting in Bhakti. Was not the Lord pleased with the worship by a wild 
elephant (Gajendra) which was devoid of all these?"
viprAth dvi shaDguNayuthAtharavinDa nAbha
pAdAravinda vimukhAth sva pacham varishTam/
manyE tad arpitha manO vachanE hithArtha prAna:
punAthi sa kulam na thu bhoorimAna://               10
" I think that a chanDALa, with bhakti, is far superior to a Brahmin who is 
possessed of all the above 12 attributes but wanting in Bhakti, for that 
ChaNDALa with Bhakti, purifies himself and his whole clan, whereas that proud 
Brahmin does not purify even his own self"
naivAtmana: prabhu: ayam nijalAbha poorNO
mAnam janAtth avidusha: karuNO vriNeethE/
yath TajjanO bhagavathE vidadheetha mAnam
tath cha AatmanE prathi mukhasya yathA mukhasree//      11
"The Lord is wholly self-contained. He does not care for any offering from 
anybody. But, He accepts such offerings only for doing good to the devotees 
who make such offerings. The effect of grace bestowed by the Lord is so clear 
and certain just as one's own image is surely reflected in a mirror"
tasmAth aham vigatha viklava Eeswarasya
sarvAthmanA mahi gruNAmiyathA maneesham/
neecgha:ajayA guNa visargam anupravishTa:
pooyEtha yEna hi pumAn anuvarNithEna//              12
"Hence, I, though low by nature and birth, shall praise the Lord's glory in 
all ways and by all possible efforts. Any soul or jiva though environed in 
the body by its karma, gets purified by such praise of the Lord"
SarvE hyamee vidhikarAs thava stavadhAmnO
BrahmAdayO vayam iva Eesa! Thava udvijantha:/
KshemAya bhoothaya uthAtma sukhAya cha asya
VikreeDitham bhagavata:ruchira avatArai://                                    
"Oh! Lord! The Gods, Brahma and others, are just like us, your servants. They 
are equally afraid of approaching you. These AvatAras of yours have been 
taken by you more for sports and for the purpose of bringing good to the 
world and also for pleasing yourself"
Tath yascha manyum asuras cha hatha: tvayA adhya
MOdEtha sAdurapi vichika sarpa hathyA/
LOkA; cha nirvrithimithA: prathiyAnthu sarvE
Roopam nrisimha vibhayAya janA: smaranthi//                                   
" Oh! Lord! Please control your anger.  My father has been killed by you 
today. Good men will hereafter be most happy just as ordinary men become 
pleased by killing scorpions and serpents. Let all these Gods now present go 
to their respective abodes. Let this avatAra of yours be hereafter the object 
of meditation for men to get rid of all fears in their lives"
na aham bhibEmi ajitha thE athibhayAnakasya-
jihvAgra nEtra bruguTee rabhasa ugra damshTrAth/
Aanthra sraja: Kshathaja kEsara sanku karNAth
NirharAda bheetha dikibAth aribinna  nakAgrAth//                              
" Oh! Lord! You are invincible. I am not afraid of your appearance. Your 
mouth, tongue, brows and curved teeth are all awe inspiring. You are wearing 
the garland made of the intestines of my father. Your mane is wet with blood. 
Your ears are standing erect indicating your greatest anger. The elephants 
that are bearing the earth are terribly trembling on hearing your roars. Your 
nail ends are always used in splitting the very hard chests of your enemies. 
These Brahma and other Gods may be afraid of you. But, I am not"
thrasthOsmi aham kripaNa vatsala dussaha ugra-
samsAra chakrakadanAth grasathAm praNeetha:/
baddha sva karmabhi usaththama!thE angri moolam
preethO pavarga saraNam hyavasE kadhA nu//                                   
" Oh! Lord! You are all fragrance. You are really the friend and protector of 
the weak. I am caught in the whirls of samsAra wheels. The grip is tight. I 
am bound to this body as the effect of my own good and bad deeds. When will 
you be pleased to free me from this bondage and make me join your holy feet 
which are the only means of salvation (i.e) Moksha or Absolute bliss?"
tasmAth priya apriya viyOga sayOga-
janma sOkAgninA sakala yOnishu dahyamAna:/
duhka oushadam thadapi duhkam athadhiyA aham
Bhooman ! bramAmidisa mE thava Dasya yOgam//                                 
"Oh! Lord! The Immeasurable! In all the cycles of births I am met with 
miseries where they are not expected and on some occasions with some so 
called fleeting pleasures. I am burnt with sorrows. Whenever I try to solve 
these miseries, the remedy itself is leading to another misery. I am in the 
whirlpool of samsAra going round and round. As a remedy for all such ills, I 
pray that you make me a humble servant of yours- always engaged in your 
sOham priyasya suhruda: para dEvatAyA:
leelA kathA: thava nrisimha virinchi geethA:/
anja: thitharmi anugraNan guNaviprayuktO
durgANi thE pada yugAlaya hamsa sanga://                                      
" Oh! Lord Nrisimha! , in the company with those devotees (Bhaktas of yours) 
who concentrate upon and have their abode in your holy feet, I shall always 
praise your qualities and  get rid of these prakrits which are the result of 
changing TriguNas, and I shall always be singing your stories of the several 
AvatAras and thus cross the several samsAric miseries very easily"
bAlasya na iha saraNam pitharou Nrisimha
na aarthasya chaagadam udanvathi majjatha: nou:/
taptasya tath prathividhi ya: iha anjasA ishTa thAvath vibho:!
ThanubruthAm tvad upEkshithAnAm//                                             
"Oh! Lord Nrisimha! Oh! All pervading! If you are not pleased, even parents 
will not be the protectors of their offsprings; medicines will not have any 
effect on the sick; the boat will not protect the man drowning in the sea. If 
there is not yet that grace, all the remedies prescribed for the suffering 
souls in samsAra will be powerless"
yasmin yathO yarhi yEna yasya yasmAth
yasmai yathA yad utha yas thu apara: parO vA/
bhAva: Othi vikarOthi prithak svabhAva:
sanchOditha:tad akhilam bhavata: svaroopam//                                  
"That creative or destructive force which is found in any form, which is 
having its origin from anywhere, which is visible in whatever manner or form, 
which is working, for whom meant it may be and for any source and which is 
the author or destructor of whatever thing found in this world, whether it is 
the actual parent or the Brahma, the creator of the universe - it is all your 
nature and none else"
mAyA mana: srujathi karma mayam baleeya:
kAlEna chOditha guNA anumathEna pumsa:/
chandOmayam yadajayA arpitha shODasAram
samsAra chakram aja kOathitharEth tvada anya://                              
" Oh! Lord! Your mAya (moolaprakriti) is the creator of that mind which is 
the effect of one's own good and bad deeds, which is capable of roaming 
anywhere as it pleases and hence, which is strongest and not easily 
controllable. For this creation of the mind, your mAya takes the period of 
the ever moving time and consequent changing of the TriguNas (Satva, Rajas 
and Tamas). Such being the case, who else except you Oh! Lord! can help this 
soul to cross or get out from the whirls of the wheels of this samsAra?"
satvam hi nitya vijitha AatmaguNa: svadhAmnA
kAlO vaseekritha visrujya visarga sakti:/
chakrE visrushTam ajaYeswara! ShOdasArE
nishpeeDyamAnam apakarsha vibhO: prapannam//                                  
" Oh! Lord! All pervading! The GuNas are under your control. You have subdued 
the same. Your Sakti creates the bodies for all the souls and sustains the 
same. Even time is ruled by you. Hence, will you please drag me out of the 
sixteen shafted wheel of samSsAra? I have surrendered myself completely to 
you. There is no other go for me except your holy feet. I am your refugee 
(Note: The 16 shafted wheel here refers to JnAnEndriyas 5, KarmEndriyas 5, 
PanchprAnas 5,  and Buddhi 1 Total 16)
PRAHLADA STOTRAM 4 will continue

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