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Tribute to UttamUr SwAmi in Acrostic - By SrI D.R.

From: Anand Karalapakkam (
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 04:04:09 PDT

SrI PadmAvati samEtha SrInivAsa ParabrahmaNE namaha

SrImad abhinava dESIka UttamUr VAtsya VeerarAghavArya -
mahAdESikAya namaha

SrI Lakshminrusimha divya pAdukA sEvaka SrIvaN SatakOpa SrI -
nArAyaNa yateendra mahAdESIkAya namaha

 Dear devotees,
 namO nArAyaNa.

  A Tribute In Acrostic (*) To SrI UttamUr VeerarAghavAchArya
  SwAmi By SrI D.RAmaswAmy IyengAr, On The Eve of SatAbhishEkam
  (80th Birthday) Celebrations < Pub. in Souvenir > :

 (*) : When the first letter of all the following
       lines are combined, it yields the word

 V eerarAghavAchArya Swamy of UttamUr !

 E lated do we feel, - relations, disciples, admirers,

 E ighty years of sacred, pure and dedicated life !

 R are specimen of profound scholarship and prolific authorship,

 A fine exponent of ancient culture in methods modern and attractive,

 R edoubtable authority on all systems of philosophy,

'A bhinava DESika', Thou art acclaimed by the knowing ones,

 G reat indeed are Thy achievements, as great as DESika's,

 H ighlighted by Thy professorship in many colleges of Sanskrit lore,

 A nd AchAryaship imparting KAlakshEpam to sishyas galore,

 V EdAntas twain ever at Thy finger's ends,

 A t home equally in Scriptures - Sanskrit and Tamil,

 C ommenting on the Upanishads in each, with equal felicity,

 H is Holiness KOzhiyAlam Saint's favourite and chosen disciple,

 A ttached deeply to Lord SrInivAsa, Thy patron Deity,

 R ecipient ever of His Grace and Blessings, sacred and mighty,

 Y ears and years more, may Thou live in peace and plenty,

 A dorning the AchArya-Peeta with lustre, great and lofty.

 Thats what the sacred name of the AchArya "VeerarAghavAchArya"
 is all about - says SrI D.R.

 adiyEn will take a break regarding the postings on SrI UttamUr
 SwAmi. Probably after few weeks, adiyEn will start the series
 (around 16 to 20 postings) on UttamUr swAmi's Biography.

 Meanwhile, kindly go through the previous postings as well.
 Please donate for the republication of very important books
 on ViSishtAdvaita viz.

 1. Bhagavad GIta with bhAshyam by Bhagavad RAmAnuja +
    TAtparya candrika by SwAmi DESikan and Notes by UttamUr
    SwAmi, alongwith his detailed Introduction/Analysis on
    the commentries of other systems of thought like advaita
    and dwaita.

 2. ParamArtha BhUshaNam by SrI UttamUr SwAmi. This is the
    "newer" SatadUshani. PanditarAja SrI D.T. TAtAchArya
    has said in amazement that each and every page of this
    monumental work is filled with many original arguments and
    newer insights. This is an invaluable book to not only know
    the defects of advaita, but also to understand very
    intricate details about ViSishtAdvaita.

 3. TatvamuktA KalApa of SwAmi DESikan with the commentry
    SarvArtha Siddhi by SwAmi DESIkan, + Gloss by SrI VAdUla
    SrInivAsAchArya + Gloss by SrI Sowmyavarada RAmAnujAchArya
    + Gloss by SrI UttamUr SwAmi. This is an invaluable
    collection of the commentries on the most important advanced
    work explaining the tenets of ViSishtAdvaita.

    Many such classics of our pUrvAchAryas are almost in the
    state of extinct. It is our primary duty to preserve them
    and pass onto the next generation. When the foundation
    layer itself is not taken care off, there is no point in
    thinking about building big castles. There are many more
    very important treatises of pUrvAchAryas with commentry/
    notes/Introductions by SrI UttamUr SwAmi, to be republished
    - ALavandAr's Siddhi Traya, SrutaprakASika (Commentry to
      SrI BhAshyam by SrI SudarSana SUri), Upanishad BhAshyams by
      RangarAmAnuja Muni, Tattwateeka (Incomplete work by SwAmi
      DESikan; Commentry till a part of jig~nyAsAdhikaraNam of SrI
      BhAshyam), SatadUshani of SwAmi DESikan, NyAya SiddhAnjanam
      (An exposition of all the metaphysical categories of
      ViSishtAdvaita by SwAmi DESIkan), AdhikaraNa SArAvali
      ( Essence of each adhikaraNa in Brahma SUtras, presented
      in metrical form of verses by SwAmi DESikan), ParamArtha
      PrakASika (Criticism by UttamUr SwAmi, on the book Advaita
      aamOda),  PAdukA Sahasram, Hamsa SandEsam, Sankalpa
      SUryOdayam, SubhAshita neevi, YadavAbhyudayam ....etc
      (adiyEn just stops with this list for now).

 The special additional features of these publications are :

    1. Notes for certain texts by SrI SrIvatsAnkAchArya,
       as he has taken down during the kAlakshEpam (discourses) of
       SrI UttamUr SwAmi.

    2. Introduction by SrI SrIvatsAnkAchArya and other eminent
       scholars regarding the subject/Book, comments/salient
       features on/of the Commentries of pUrvAchAryas + UttamUr

    3. Translation of the Introductions by UttamUr SwAmi and that
       of other scholars like SrI SrIvatsAnkAchArya into English.

   Note : The tamil translation of the sanskrit Introductions
          (of various books) will be performed by SrI
          SrIvatsAnkAchArya and that will be published as a
          separate volume.

    For even printing the first three books, we are short by
    more than US $5500. Someone with generous heart should also
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    adiyEn also pleads you to sign up for regular contribution,
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    Please contact either Smt Nagu Satyan <>
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    regarding this. Please do visit the SVSS website to fill the

   For donors donating $200 Or above, around 50 books (inclusive
   of volume number) published by SrI UttamUr SwAmi will be
   sent as a compliment (worth around $50). Kindly see the
   list of currently available books in the net archives (probably
   last month Or so). But few of them are out of stock now.

   Those who are specifically interested in getting the books
   Or those who are not in US : Please contact adiyEn in private
   for more details in terms of the tailor made cost involved for
   getting the books <actual cost + shipping cost>.

   For those who are at either US Or Canada:
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        Sree Vaishnava Seva Samithi
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   For others (Indian Citizens from anypart of the globe - Be it
   Singapore, Bahrain, India etc):

   Please mail your cheque payable to "Sri Uttamur
   Viraraghavachariar Centenary Trust" and mail to my
   address :

   SrI K.G.KrishNan
   2 (Old No.11), Hasthigiri Street,
   Chennai 600 033, India.

   Note: The house numbers at chennai has been changed by the
         govt. The new number is 2 and old number is 11. But,
         as long as the name "K.G.KrishNan" Or "Anand" is there,
         the letter will surely be delivered at our house (even if
         11 is adressed as the house number).

    All the sponsors will be duly acknowledged in the Book and
    a copy will be reserved for them.

   Thanks in advance.

 adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,

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