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Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 21:03:06 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas:
The synopsis of SlOkas 37 to 43 is given below.
Anbil Ramaswamy
(Translation by Sri P.N.Krishnasawamy Iyengar)
thasmai bhavAn haya siras thanuthAm cha bibhrath
vEda druhou athi balou madhu kaiTaba aakhyou/
hatvA anayath sruthigaNAms thu rajas tamas cha
satvam thava priyathAmAm thanum Aamananthi//                37
" Oh! Lord! You took the form of Hayagriva and killed the two asuras, Madhu 
and KaiTabha, who once stole away the Vedas and you restored the same to 
Brahma. All great men proclaim that that Hayagriva form of yours is producing 
Sattva guNa and Sattva is most pleasing to you."
iththam nru thiryag rishi dEva jasha avatArai-
lOkAn vibhavayasi hansi jagath pratheepAn/
dharmam mahA purusha pAsi yugAnu vritham
Chchanna: kalou yad abhavath thriyugOsi athah: tvam//           38
" Thus, you, Oh! Lord! You take several AvatAras in the shape of man, beast, 
rishi, dEva and fish and become manifested as the protector of the afflicted 
souls and the killer of wicked men like RavaNa. Oh! MahApurusha! You are at 
the same time in the several AvatArs, do maintain the limits of VarNa ashrama 
Dharma. In the Kali yuga also, you do so though you do not manifest yourself 
in a clear manner. Hence, you are known as TRIYUGA"
na yEtan  manas thava kathAsu vikunTa nAtha
sampreethayE duritha dushTam asAdhu theevram/
kAmAthuram harsha sOka bhayEshaNArtham
thasmin katham thava gathim vimrusAmi dheena://             39
" Oh! Lord of VaikunTa! My mind is tossed by going after sinful deeds. Hence, 
I become fully troubled by attachment towards worldly desires. Further,
I am always troubled by the care and anxiety for me and my family, wealth 
etc. Hence, I become powerless. Then how can I, with a useless mind, be 
inclined to repeat your stories and how can I go on inquiring after your 
Paratva i.e. How can I realize your holy self?"
jihvA ekatha: achyutha! Vikarshathi mA avithruptham
sisna: anyathah: tvag udaram sravaNam kuthaschit/
grANO anyathas chapala drig kva cha karma saktih:
bahava: sapathnya: iva gEhapathim lunanthi//                        40
" Oh! Achyuta! What is my unfortunate position? My senses all drag me here 
and there. For instance, my tongue goes after sweet and tasteful things; my 
sensual organs are insatiable; my stomach is unfillable; my sense of touch 
craves for soft things; my nose craves for fragrant things; my eyes are 
always fleeting and going after seemingly beautiful objects; my hands and 
feet won't keep to one place for a second. In one word, these senses drag me 
here and there just as one's several co-wives will drag their husband without 
giving him a second's rest."
yEvam sva karma pathitham bhava vaitharaNyAm
anyOnya janma maraNAsana bheetha bheetham/
pasyan janam sva para vigraha vaira mitram
hanthEthi Para achara! Piproohi moodam adhya//                  41
" Oh! Lord! You are always out of the samsAra and are looking out upon your 
created universe. What do you see? This stupid world is caught in the ever 
moving VaitharaNi river of this samsAra. In this world, one is afraid of the 
other by his birth, death and even of the chance of one eating away the 
other's possessions. Why? This is due to the world being carried away by the 
stupid attachment to their bodies (Prakriti) which leads to one another's 
friendship or hatred. Lord! Please be gracious to look upon these stupid folk 
and have pity on them and be their protector at once"
kO nu athra thE akhila gurO: bhagavad prayAsa:
uththAraNE asya bhava sambhava lOPa hEthO:!/
mooTEshu vai mahad anugraha Aartha bandhO:!
kim thE na thE priya janAn anusEvathAm na://                    42
" You are the world teacher. You are the protector of the destitute. What is 
the difficulty for you to lift not only myself but also all those dear and 
near to me from the depths and miseries of this samsAra? You are the cause of 
creation, sustenance and destruction of this universe. We not only worship 
you but also your dear Bhaktas"
naiva udvijE parama! hEy! Bhava vaitharaNyA;
tvad veerya gAyana mahAmrutha magna chitthah:/
sOchE thathO vimukha chEthasa indriyArtha-
mAyA sukhAya bharam udhvahathO vimooTAn//                   43
"Oh! Highest Lord! I am not afraid of the samsAric vaitharaNi river, because 
I am always immersed in the amrutha ocean of singing your brave and heroic 
deeds of your several AvatAras. But, I am really sorry for those fools who 
are carried away by the unbearable kArmic deeds which are all done for  the 
fleeting, impermanent and false satisfaction of the several Indriyas."
PRAHLADA STOTRAM - 6 will follow

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