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Archamurthi- a doubt

From: lakshminarayan krishnaswamy (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 09:03:20 PDT

Dear Bhakthas,
During the course of a recent discussion with a srivaishnava bhaktha he 
raised the following doubts. Would someone be good enough to clarify these:
1)While all archamurthys are deemed to be the manifestations of the same 
Lord, for instance the lord at Oppiliappankoil is referred to as the "elder 
brother" of Lord Srinivasa. How do we reconcile this difference.
2) In some temples the archamurhtys are in very bad shape: for instance -  
we can observe flakes of the tirumeni & lot of cockroaches abound in the 
sanctum sanctorum.Why is this like this and is it hygenic to take the 
prasadam given there?
3) What is the archamurthy made of - some say it made of granite, some 
others say it is made of salagramam and other items.
4) Is periodic restoration of the Archamurthy not prescribed in the agamas. 
If yes why are these restoration works not undertaken by some temples. How 
does the archamurthy get it's "power" after such restoration.
5) In the case of some DDs the Srivaishnava archamurhty is found inside the 
saivite temple. Why is this? Is this not a pointer to the Siva - Vishnu 

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