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Utthamoor Swami's Greatness

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 04:31:05 PDT


Dearest Bhagawathas,

Sri Anand has been writing very beautifully about his "thaattha"- the 
Greatest Abhinava desika Sri Utthamoor Veeraghavacharyar Swami. adiyEn 
wishes to ramble something on this Greatest Swami this century has been 
blessed with.

I was told that even till the last few days, Swami was busy engaged in 
writing. Srimad Pounadikapuram Andavan always fondly recalls in his 
kaalakshepams, Sri Utthamoor Swami's nice, anubhavam laden vyakhyanams. 
Swami's "prabhandha rakshai" is so lucid that even adiyEn could read, and 
understand too.

Once asmadhacharyan, Srimad Poundarikapuram Andavan mentioned in 
kaalakshEpam (in whcih adiyEn fortunately was present): when PiraaTTi saw 
one Srivaishnava adiyaar (daasan) coming to Divya Damppathi, She tells (for 
fun and also testing Emperumaan's compassion guNA), Him "this person has 
done lot of apacharams..". Emperumaan immediately says "ennadiyaar adhu 
seyyar.. "(AzhWAr's line starts.. thannadiyaar thiRatthagatthu.. ennadiyaar 
adhu seyyar..) meaning: My adiyaar (my devotees -daasan) will never do that. 
seydhaalum nanRE seyvaar.. (even if they have done somthing, it should have 
been for some thing good only.- ) What a trust and what confidence 
Emperumaan has on His adiyaar!

Now, look at Sri Utthamoor Swami's nice vyAkhyanam: Emperumaan' gets angry 
with PiraaTTi's such a loose comment on his adiyaar: He says "ennadi! yaar 
adhu seyyar.." He tells her angrily .. to his wife.. ennadi! yEdhavadhu 
innoru dhadavai sollu en adiyaarai patthi.. (tell me another word about my 
adiyaar.. ) Such a beauitiful lateral interpretation is Swami's. Always one 
can enjoy Swami's vyAkhyanams in such graet anubhavams.

Swami's lovely vyAkhyanams on Thiruvaymozhi is really very sweet. He 
mentioned saying: Thiruvaymozhi's best ten is First 10. The essence of the 
best is first three pAsurams. and its nectar is the first line of first 
pAsuram. Swami says: uyarvaRa vuyar nalam udaiyavan refers to "a". MayarvaR 
mathi refers to "ma. Nalam aruLinan refers to Nama: shabdham. ayarvaRum 
amarargaL athipathi refers to Narayana shabdham. thuyar aRu chudar adi 
thozhudhu yezhu- refers to Chathurthi.. He says, this pAsuram refers to 
Thirumantharm, in short.

What a beuatiful explanation!

About this utthama Guru NammAzhwAr only such Utthama guru can speak in such 
utthama manner.

All that we need to do is to: keep the flame alive. keep the "viLakku" on. 
By contributing to keeping such rarest of rare vyAkhyanams which are quite 
"user friendly" and lucid. Please send in your amounts immediately. All that 
we target now is US $ 5,500/-. (Please correct me if it's wrong, Anand).

Please contribute liberally. Not once, but regualrly, even perhaps. Once in 
3 months, about 100 dollars will do a lot good to keep the jnAna viLakku on.


Narayana Narayana
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