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Re: Tulasi

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 09:52:03 PDT

Dear Sri Sanjay Balaram:

The manthrams for picking TuLasI for BhagavadhAradhanam
are four in number.Typically two are used.
First one has to wash one's feet and hands,
perform aachamanam and collect the leaves
(TaLam) in a clean vessel or plantain leaf.
These two manthrams are:

(1) Initial manthram and anjali to TuLasi plant : 

" yann mUlE sarva theerthAni , yann madhyE SarvadEvathA:
  yadhagrE sarva vEdAsccha , thvAm namAmyaham "

(2) The gruhaNa (picking ) manthram at the time of collecting 
the TuLasi taLam ( TuLasI taLam : 4 leaves and the stem) are:

" Tulasyamrutha janmAsi sadhA thvam kEsava priyE
  KEsavArtham lunAmi thvaam VaradhA bhava sObhanE "

There are two other manthrams that are used in different 
sampradhAyams. One can stay with the above two.

There are times/days  to collect TuLasi from the TuLasi
plant . SvarNa Pushpa AarAdhanai is the only highest
upakaraNam for worship of the Lord compared to TuLasi
in AaarAdhanam .

PaancharAthra Rakshai and the VaishNava dharamam section
of AasvamEdhika parvam of MahA BhAratham deal with the 
role of TuLasi in BhagavadhArAdhanam.

Hope this helps,

At 09:15 AM 5/19/00 GMT, you wrote:
>Can some member give me the releveant information on what mantras & 
>procedures that need to be followed for growing Tulasi and for collecting 
>Tulasi for the worship of the supreme Lord.
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