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Lord Pundarikaksha

From: Nandakumar (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 22:07:09 PDT

  SRI   ANDAL   THUNAI     -        SAFE

Dear Friends:  A couple of minutes to share with you the happiness of
having attended the Vsanthothsavam of Lord Pundarikaksha at Tiruvellarai
yesterday (Thursday).  I spent a few hours in the fort of this hillock on
an invitation from the ubhayadar, Sri Sembodai Vasudevan.

	Though considered older than Srirangam temple, and famous as the
birth-place of Uyyakondar and the recipient of Perialwar's decad on
Kaappu-Paruvam, the temple had gradually seen decades of neglect.  In the
last two decades a new life has been infused thanks to the Negamam
Charities who have repaired the grand fort-wall, many sannidhis and offered
a beautiful swing for Oonjal Utsavam.  The utsavams are being resurrected
and this year the original Vasantha Mandapam has been repaired and
Vasanthosavam is on.  Lords Pundareekaksha and Goddess Pankajavalli came
down to the Mandapam and an elaborate thirumanjanam was performed.  It was
a rare experience to hear the Thirumanjana Kattiyam being spelt out very
clearly by a descendent of Engal-Azhvaan.

	After Thirumanjanam, the Lord strode out on the Horse Mount as twilight
darkened above.  Devotees had gathered in great numbers and there was a
palpable joy on every face as the Lord went back to his Asthaanam.

	The Moolavar Images of Lord Pundareekaksha and Goddess Senkamalavalli were
also a beautiful experience to worship.  You will be glad to know that the
Goddess has been adorned with a 108-salagrama necklace and the sight was
I was particularly struck by the genuine and eager devotion that illumined
the faces of the poor and illiterate people who had gathered and waited
patiently for glimpsing the Lord now and then.

	Incidentally Lord Ranganatha also went round the Chitra Streets in
Srirangam riding the Golden Horse Mount.
                            Prema Nandakumar

        WITH BEST WISHES                         PREMA  NANDAKUMAR
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