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Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 20:03:34 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas:
As we mentioned earlier, the first 7 verses presented here are in the nature 
of "PoorvapeeDikai" - Introductory. The actual StOtram starts from verse 8
Anbil Ramaswamy
(Translations by Sri P.N.Krishnaswamy Iyengar)
yEvam surAdaya: sarvE brahma rudra puras sarA:/
na Upaithum asakan manyu samrambham sudurAsatham//      1   
"Thus (even after praising the Lord) Brahma, Rudra and other Devas were 
unable to approach the presence of Lord Nrisimha, who was full of anger and 
hence unapproachable"
sAkshAth Sree prEshithA dEvai: drishtvA thun mahat adbutham/
adrishTa- asrutha poorvathvAth sA na upEyAya sankhithA//        2
"Seeing the anger of the Lord not quenched, His consort, Sri MahAlakshmi was 
sent by the dEvas. She too, did not approach Him because His appearance was 
neither seen nor heard of ever before"
PrahlAdham prEshyAmAsa brahmA avasthitham anthikE/
ThAtha prasamaya upEhi svapithrE kupitham prabhum/          3
"The Brahma said to PrahlAda who was standing near- Oh! Dear child! Go near 
and appease the Lord who is angry with your father"
thathE ithi sanakai rAjan mahA BhAgavatOrbhaka:/
upEthya bhuvi kAyEna nanAma vidrutha anjali://                  4
"The child PrahlAda who was very devoted to the Lord consented and slowly 
approached Him and with folded hands fell down on the ground prostrating"
sva pAdamoolE pathitham thum arbhakam 
vilOkhya dEva: kripayA pariplutha:/
uththApya tath seershaNi adadhAth karAmbujam 
kAlAhi vitrasthadhiyAm kritha abhayam//                         5
"Lord Nrisimha saw the child who lay prostrated before Him and was moved by 
His own unbounded grace, lifted him up and placed His hand on his head 
(as a mark of blessing) which hand was like a lotus and which always a refuge 
for all those who were afflicted by the effects of the serpent like evil fate"
sa tathkara sparsadutha akhilAsubha:
sapathi abhivyaktha parAthma darsana:/
tad pAda padmam hridhi nirvrita: dadhou
hrishyath thanu: klinna hridh asrulOchana://                        6
"PrahlAda, on the touch of the Lord's hand was at once freed from all sins 
and realized His grace and became very elated with joy and began to shed 
tears of joy and meditated upon Him in his own heart (mind)"
asthousheedh harim yEkAgra manasA  susamAhitha:/
premagadgadayA vAchA thun nyastha hridayEkshaNa://          7
"Then, PrahlAda began to praise the Lord with a mind wholly concentrated upon 
His grace and with a trembling voice" 
PrahlAda Sotram proper will commence in the next posting

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