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Fwd: Use of tuLasi for medicinal purposes

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 05:56:43 PDT


Dear Bhagawathas,

one member asked me to forward this. His office e-mail did not have bhakti 
subscription. Thanks.


Narayana Narayana

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Subject: Use of tuLasi for medicinal purposes
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 20:13:22 -0500

      Srimathe rangpriya mahadeShikaya Nama: Sri ranga sadgurave nama:
      Srimathe lakShminarasimha parabramaNe nama:

      This has reference to the current discussion on tuLasi. Adien's
      opinion is as follows;
A. tuLasi is rightly referred as mother tuLasi. A mother feels a sense
of completion or paripoorNatvam when her baby drinks her milk. In the
same way, though tulasi is used for Bhagavan's pooja, another purpose
of her existence is for her medicinal values and mother tulasi feels
the same paripoorNatvam when people(her children) use her for her
medicinal values.

B.It is a common practice in many temples to add tuLasi daLams to
tirukalyaNi and milk for Bhagavan's aBhiShekam and distribute tha same
as teertham to the devotees.

C. using tulasi for medicinal values is the same way as using flowers
by ladies after offering the same to god. As long as we follow the
protocol of praying before separating out 'grown up' leaves and offer   to 
Bhagavan and then use for other medicinal purposes, it is ok,
mother tuLasi WILL be happy.

D. Whatever we offer to god, we also eat as prasadam, tulasi included.

      Adien Bhagavata dasan,

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