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Abhivadhanam during Sandhyavandhanam & Pithru tharpanam

From: Jagannathan Venkatanathan (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 07:00:57 PDT

Dear Members:

It is said that we should not perform abhivadhanam after
prostrations (Seviththal) before Perumal. Why is that so ?
I am guessing that since Perumal is all-knowing we do not
have to tell Him who we are.
[Please do not misunderstand my query. I am not questioning
Shastram here. I am trying to only understand it.]

But we also perform abhivadhanam in Sandhyavandhanam and in Pithru tharpanam.

Ofcourse, we Vaishnavas perform any Vaidhika Karmanushtanam (because 
they are Vedhic vidhis)  with Sathvika thyagam to only Perumal and 
we (try to) remember only Perumal during such Karmas.

But a tricky situation arises when performing abhivadhanams 
as ordained in Sandhyavandhanam/Pithru tharpanam.
Though we remember (atleast trying to remember) only Perumal
(and defintely not the anya-devathas/pithrus) during vaidhika karmas,
we are also simultaneously doing abhivadhanam ( and we are not
supposed to do abhivadhanam to Perumal!)

(Please do not misunderstand my question. I am *not* asking
if Vaishnavas can prostrate before Dhevathantra-deities  but can remember
Perumal while doing so.  Of course even within the scope of Vaidhika vidhis, 
Vaishanavas have nothing to do with non-bhagavatha/dhevathanthram
like Brahma, Rudran, Vinayakar, Murugan, Kali etc)

Any thoughts on this ?

But there is of course no issues when we prostrate & do abhivadhanam to
true Bhagavathas since the are merely bearing the (Paradhina) Sheshithvam 
given to them by Perumal for the pleasure of only Perumal.

Thank you

J. Venkatanathan

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