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Sri Ranganatha PaadhukA Sahasra (RPS)Kaimkaryam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 10:21:00 PDT

Dear Sri Ranganatha BhakthAs :

Few days back, we ( Sri MuraLidhar Rangaswamy ,
Sri Achutharaman and adiyEn) completed the postings
on the 7th Paddhathi known as AbhishEka Paddathi .
This paddathis deals with Swamy Desikan's splendid 
vision of the PaadhukA PattAbhishEka MahOthsavam 
performed by Sage VasishTA and BharathA . With the 210th
slOkam of RPS, the AbhishEka paddhathi concluded.We are
now at the NiryAthanA Paddhathi ,the 8th Paddhathi ,
where Bharathan restores the Paadukais to
Sri RamachandrA's holy  feet on His return to AyOdhyA
after the fulfilment of His avathAra Kaaryam ,
the destruction of RaavaNA and his entourage at LankA.

The NiryAthanA Paddhathi(8th) is followed by VaithALikA 
Paddhathi(9th) , SrunghAra paddhathi (10th)
and the SanchAra Paddhathi (11th).There are , you
might recall , 32 Paddhathis in RPS to house 
the 1008 slOkams . We are now at the 217th
slOkam level(21.5% level)of completion of the kaimkaryam
that we have undertaken. We have some way to go yet.Let me 
briefly summarize , what  we have covered so far : 

In the first Paddhathi(PrasthAva paddhathi), Swamy
Desikan declares his intent to eulogize the PaadhukAs.
thru 20 slOkams .

Swamy Desikan used 10 slOkams in the second Paadhathi 
(SamAkhyA Paddhathi)to describe how Swamy NammAzhwAr 
got the name of SatAri or Paadhukai of the Lord.

In the third paddhathi ( PrabhAva Paddhathi), Swami used 
70 slOkams to let us know , how the glories of Paadhukais
came about and why we are offering our salutations
to an "object " worn on the feet of the Lord.

In the fourth Paddhathi (SamarpaNa Paddhathi) housing 
20 slOkams , the gifting of the Paadhukais by RaamA 
to His brother, BharathA is described .

In the fifth paddathi ( PrathiprasthAna Paddhathi)
containing 20 slOkams , Sawmy  described the separation
of the Paadhukais from the Lord's sacred feet.

In the sixth Paddhathi( AdhikAra Prathigruha Paddhathi ),
the description of the assumption of duties by the Paadhukais
as the designated ruler of the kingdom in place of RaamA 
is described through 40 slOkams.

In the seventh paddhathi ( AbhishEka Paddhathi),
thirty slOkams were used by Our AchAryan to 
describe the splendid PadhukA Coronation festival 
performed by Sage vasishTA and the paadhukA's
representative , BharathAzhwAn. 

Please enjoy the archives set up by 
Sri Achutharaman and the slOkma per day 
section of the home pages:

Sri Ranganatha Dhivya Mani PaadhukAbhyAm Nama:
AdiyEn, V.Sadagopan 

Failed tests, classes skipped, forgotten locker combinations. 
Remember the good 'ol days

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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