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Date: Sun May 14 2000 - 12:45:53 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas:

You will remember that sometime ago, in deference to the requests from 
several Bhagavatas, I agreed to write on "Vilakshana Mokshadhikari NirNayam" 
of Sri Erumbiappa, a disciple of Sri ManavAla MAmunigal

This write up is based mainly on the summary of the above work by Prof. R 
RangarAjan of Madurai in his book "Vaikuntam pugum maNNavar yaar?" published 
by AzhwArgal Amudha Nilayam, Komaleeswaranpet. Chennai 2. Since Erumbiappa 
has faithfully followed what Swami Desikan has written on the subject in his 
various monumental works, cross references to them are included wherever 
necessary by way of elucidation.

The revolutionary ideas of Erumbiappa as explained by the learned Professor 
are sure to raise many eyebrows and also many questions that will provide 
food for thought. 

I claim no originality for the views expressed herein but reproduce what 
these celebrities have propounded. The credit for anything correctly stated 
goes to my Acharyas HH Srimad Andavan of Poundarikapuram Ashramam and HH 
Srimad Azhagiyasinghar and to the above learned Professor, All errors of 
commission and omission are mine and I am open for any corrections from 
Anbil Ramaswamy
An Introduction
You might have seen / heard of the popular show: "Who wants to be a 

Our AzhwArs and AchAryas put the question differently.
They ask "Who on earth wants to go from here to eternity?" 

They have brought out the criteria for this as revealed in the SAstras. As in 
any selection, only those who satisfy these criteria will be eligible to 
What are these terms and conditions, the rules and regulations, and the ifs 
and buts that should be satisfied?

Not all people want to become millionaires; There are still people who shun 
such practices like crossing the ocean in search of filthy lucre which is 
definitely NOT sanctioned in the SAstras and would strip us of our claim to 
be Brahmins, let alone Srivaishnavas. 

They are prepared to stay contented with what they have; Still some others, 
who like our AzhwArs and AchAryas seek to embrace poverty as an antidote to 
ego that goes hand in hand with material prosperity. 

A fellow BhAgavata smitten by remorse (nirvEdam) and self deprecation on his 
own plight which, however, is shared by many of us has poignantly observed-

"A true Vaishnava-Vedantin aspires to poverty all his life. We see examples 
in the very same "achAryA-s" we so much extol. Desikan embraced the life of a 
mendicant all his life. KurathAzhwAn was born rich but strenuously strove to 
achieve poverty. AlavandAr could have continued to live a life of royal sloth 
but chose to acquire poverty.... the examples could be cited endlessly... In 
the past, the Brahmin community strove to remain poor in the midst of 

...Today we see the exact reverse! The Brahmin community, the new 
generations, exert all their efforts to, in fact, transit as quickly as 
possible, and through any means, fair or foul, from a state of abject penury 
to unconscionable pelf... This is directly in conflict with the Vedic ideal. 
So how can we ever reach Vedic truth when the fundamental direction of our 
respective lives is wrong ... utterly wrong?...

...Although we call ourselves VedAntins --- and that too of the superior 
Ramanuja-type --- we are utterly unfit to call ourselves so, since as a 
community we are travesties and caricatures of a true Vedantin...

... Before learning Desika stOtram-s and AzhwAr pAsuram-s, we should try and 
do what those achAryA-s resolutely did... shun the ambition of wealth and 
strive to embrace poverty. It is easy to learn our AchAryA-s "pAsurams" but 
difficult to *practice* their ideals of life. But as long as we continue to 
live like we do today --- 
we shall only continue to make holy clowns of ourselves and the rest of the 
world will see us surely for what we all are: a community of hypocrites who 
are really long on "words" but short on "practice"...

But, what else do these AzhwArs and AchAryas and true VedAntins want? 
They want to attain eternal glory that Moksham alone can ensure.
1. In the first place, who gets to desire eternity i.e. Moksham?
Only those fortunate souls who gain what is known as "jAyamAna kaDAksham" 
will at all desire this.

What is this "jAyamAna kaDAksham"? Is it available for purchase in a 
departmental store and if so, at what price?

Erumbiappa explains:
"Sriyah Pathi", the consort of MahAlakshmi (i.e) EmperumAn is the highest; 
has limitless auspicious qualities and therefore is known as "BhagavAn". He 
is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. None can equal Him much less 
challenge Him; Yet, He is as much the personification of absolute mercy as of 
immense power. 

He is moved by the souls' self-inflicted suffering in the sea of SamsAra as a 
result of endless karmas. Out of His natural disposition of compassion, He 
decides to bless them for no specific reason (NirhEtuka Kripa) with His 
benign glance. 

This glance is called "jAyamAna kaDAksham" in Sanskrit and "karuvilE thiru" 
in Tamizh. Only those who are fortunate to "catch the eye" of the Lord in 
this manner will ever get a desire for Moksham. One who gets this desire is 
called a "Mumukshu".
To Continue: MokshAdikAri 2. WHAT DOES A MUMUKSHU DO?"

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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