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[saranagathi] Saranagathi Vol.03.004

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun May 14 2000 - 06:22:53 PDT

Dear BhakthALs :The index of contents of the most 
recent issue of Saranagathy journal is enclosed.
Please write to either myself or Sri Rengarajan 
if you wish to receive this journal, if you are not
already receiving it.
Best wishes,

VOL :  03.004                                         07.May.2000
In this  Issue:
1.  Editorial
2.  AdhvaithA & VisishtAdhvaithA on "Tat Tvam Asi" - Part 1 - M S
3.  The MahA BhArathA - Structure & Story - N.S.Anantha RangAchAr
4.  PradhAna Sathakam - Part 15/15 - V. Sadagopan
5.  What is in this week?  List of festivals and events, this week
1.  Editorial

Dear BhakthAs:
We place in your hands the fourth issue of Volume 3, which  houses
three articles.

Sri  M.S.Hari's article touches on one of the four MahA VAkyams of
the Four vEdhAs, "Tath Thvam  asi".  This  MahA  VAkhyam  is  from
ChAndhOgya   Upanishid,  which  belongs  to  SAma  vEdham.  It  is
important for us as Sri VaishNavites to know the interpretation of
these MahA VAkyams  according  to the Bhagavath RAmAnuja darsanam.
We are hoping that we will have to opportunity to cover the  other
three MahA VAkyams in future issues :
(1)  Praj~nAm  BrahmA  :  AitrEya  Upanishad,  Rig vEdham (2) aham
BrahmAsmi:  BrihadhAraNya  Upanishad,  Sukla  Yajur   vEdham   and
TaittirIya  Upanishad of KrishNa Yajur vEdham (3) ayamAthma BrahmA
: MAndUkya Upanishad, Atharva vEdham.

The second article  is  by  Dr.N.S.AnatharangAchAr  Swamy  on  the
structure  and  content of MahA Bharatham. This ithihAsam contains
the most sacred Bhagavath GitA and Sri VishNu SahasranAmAm besides
many passages on Dharma SAsthram. An IthihAsam like MahA BhAratham
is used to explain the intricate Vedic  manthrams  and  hence  Its
PrAmANyam   is   Svathasiddham  as  indicated  by  the  author  of
YathIndhra Matha DhIpikA:"VedhOpabruhmaNa rUpEthihAsa purANAyOrapi
pramANyam svathasiddham"

Therefore it is important for us to have an  uderstanding  of  the
structure and content of MahA BhAratham. The third article  is  by
adiyEn;  with  this  final  posting  on PradhAna Sathakam,  adiyEn
bows at the sacred feet of Swamy Desikan for  blessing   us   with
this most important rahasya grantham. The brilliance  and  clarity
of Swamy Desikan is  clearly  evident  here and helps  us  all  to
understand what is PradhAnam among  various options  in  terms  of
conduct as a Prapannan.

It is very important for the Editor and Publisher to know how well
we are serving your information needs. Hence, please take the time
to  write  to   us   (,, on your comments and suggestions. Looking
forward to hearing from you,

adiyEn, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan, Editor-in-Chief

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