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Re: Vishnu Puranam

From: Chandrashekaran Venkataraman (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 16:32:12 PDT

Dear members,
     This is with regard to the responses posted by Sri Hari and Sri
Ramanujadasa (Mr. Martin Gansten) about Lord Narasimha's prabhAvam in Sri
Vishnu Puranam.
     Actually I am reading a brief translation in tamizh (not verse by
verse) of Sri Vishnu Puranam by one Sri Venkatraman, as my knowledge in
Sanskrit is nil. The publisher is LIFCO. In that the translator says
explicitly that hiraNyan vadham is not elaborated in Sri Vishnu puranam.
Also in one place the translation has it that Sri Prahladha does penance
when hiraNyan puts him in ocean and encloses with strong mountains to
prevent his escape. At the end of the penance the Lord appears and grants a
boon to him as per which hiraNyan's apacharams will be all forgiven and
forgotten by the Lord. After this hiraNyan changes his mind and doesn't
torture Sri Prahladha from then on. After this the translation has it thus "
... then the time came when the Lord had to kill hiraNyan.". This is the
blunt way in which this event is described in the translation. May be I am
under wrong impression due to this...

    Thanks and regards,


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