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Digest Number 34-Paapam after Prapatthi
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 11:42:20 PDT

Sri Raamajayam

Dear Bhagavathaas,
                    Adiyen would like to offer this reply to Sri.T.R.Govindarajan's question on 'what happens to a person committing sins after Prapatthi'.   In fact this was the same question many of us have.  Adiyen was shy to ask this question to our Acharya out of greatest respect for our Acharya Sri Poundareekapuram Srimad Andavan Sri.Gopala Desika Maha DEsikan Swami, that I was afraid Swami might be sad to confront such questions rather than Adiyen asking more questions on the nature of Jeeva or Sriman Naarayana.  However such is the Thiruvullam of our Acharya, that he offered a great discourse on Prapatthi and in the process explained the Bhakthi-Prapatthi Maargham in detail.

Till Prapatthi all the sins incurred are forgiven by the Merciful Lord(Acharya alike) and a person is guaranteed Moksha.   So now the question rises, "The great Lord has given me his abode, Can I go proclaiming I am great soul?  I can commit sins now, anyway I am going to heaven, is it no so?".  Well the catch is, any sins committed after Prapatthi is still forgiven by the Lord if it is committed unknowingly, on the other hand Sins committed with our conscience has the effect of Karma in this life time itself.  In other words Sins committed by a Prapanna would lead him to "Living Hell".  On the other hand we should all feel proud that we are going to Sri Vaikuntham, and try to go with the best possible dress(moral) while we meet "Para Vasudevan" to make our Maatha and Pithaa happy(like if we go abroad we pack nice clothes, woolens, and perhaps some blazers/suits).

As for Bhakthi, it has to mature to Para-Bhakthi until it leads a soul to a realization " Hey Mukunda, Hey Vaikuntha", I do not desire anything else than you.  Please take me to you, and the Jeevathma surrenders to the Lord directly and takes refuge under him.  At that point the jeeva, when it seeks Moksha, attains it.  This process can take several births, and in the process, the jeeva suffers from the acts of Karma in every birth.  Such Bhakthi in Samsaara is difficult, and very few souls have tread that path(Our Azhvaars,Sri.Chaitanya, Sri.Tulasidasa, Sri.Thyagaraja, Mother Meera).  

Anyway it is a pity this reply has to come from Aparaatha Chakravarthy(Adiyen), and hope more replies would come pouring from the gems on this list.

Adiyen Sri Raamanuja Daasan,

Sudarsana Dasosmi

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