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Re: [A doubt]

From: M.S.HARI (Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari) (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 18:30:59 PDT

Dear Shree T. R. Govindarajan,

A Shree Vaishnavan (who has undergone PanchaSamskaaram) does Praptti and
becomes a Prapannan. He MUST NOT commit Bhaagavata Apacharam and
Aacharya Apacharam as both these are like poison for Prapannan. The
Lord even forgives if a person does Bhagavat Apacharam but surely punishes
the person who does Bhaagavata/Aacharya Apacharam. For example, Sisubalan
did lot of Bhagavat Apacharam but was given lot of chances. But on the
other hand, in Shree Prahlaadan's case, the Lord did not even wait but
immediately came out with mercy (in the form of anger) to protect 
Shree Prahlaadan and kill Hiranya Kasipu as Hiranya Hasipu did
Bhaagavata Apacharam. A prapanna should never do all these apacharams as
these apacharams spoil the person's nishtai (faith) fetching him the
Bhagavat Nigraham. If a person does Bhaagavata Apacharam or Aacharya
Apacharam, then we must realise it and feel sorry for it and make it
a point not to repeat such apacharams. Then he must go to the concerned
Bhaagavata/Aacharya and surrender at his feet and pray for his mercy
and request him (really from heart) to forgive him for the mistake done 
and adopt the Praayachitam. This will purify the person. If not these
apacharams will fetch him punishment in severe form as a result of
the Lord's anger and makes the person to deviate from the path of

You have asked "How should one lead a life after undergoing prapatti in this
material world?". For this question, the answer is elaborately 
given by Shreeman Nigamantha Mahadesikar in his Shreemath Rahasyatraya
Saaram. I give an outline of the same (in brief).
A Prapanna is the person who practised prapathi with its 5 angas at the
Lotus feet of Lakshmi Naaraayanan.
He must do all that is liked by the Lord, should not do that which is
not liked by the Lord, should have GREAT FAITH in the Lord and only
in the Lord that only the Lord protects him and grants Moksha,
he must realise that he cannot by himself practise any upaaya(like bhakti)
as he does not have power or qualifications for it and always consider
the Lord as upaaya and always pray to the Lord as his only Protector with
hands folded (Anjali mudra).
He must lead a simple life without having curiosity regarding the future
of his materialistic life.
He must do PANCHA-KAALA PAARAAYANA which is doing daily his duties as
prescribed in Saastra which is in five divisions namely Abigamanam,
Upaadaanam, Ijgyaa (Aaraadhanam), Swaadyaayam, Yogam by the order
of the Lord and for the satisfaction of the Lord with Saatvika Tyaagam.
He must be humble always without ahamkaaram and mamakaarams and always
be happy that the Lord will protect him and grant him moksha which
is Shree Vaishnava Shree Kainkaryam eternally in Shree Vaikunta Parama

Please write to me if you want to know these in detail.

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI Ramanuja Dasan.

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Srimate Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya namaha


AdiyEn has a doubt. If a srivaishnava after undergoing Prapatti under a
acharya, commits both bhagavatha apacharam and acharya apacharam. If prapatti
frees this person from rebirth, who gets his apacharams? One cannot go to
with all apacharas or papam. If he cannot be born again (purpose of
does he nullify his papams before attaining moksham?

How should one lead a life after undergoing prapatti in this material world?



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