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response to Venkateswara image

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 04:47:38 PDT

Dear BhakthAs of ThiruvenakatamudayAn:

The attached note from Sri Haresh Balasubramanian of
Singapore and the author of the home pages for
the Lord of Thirumalai would be of interest to You all .
Even after so many visits to Thiruppathi grabhagraham ,
adiyEn was not sure of the exact height of Moolavar.
adiyEn welcomes these inputs from Sri Balaji Narasimhan
and Sri Haresh Balasubramanyan.

By the way , the URL for the jhome pages under
construction with the blessings of TT DevasthAnam 

There are informative articles on the Sri VenkatEsa
SubprabhAtham , SthOthram , SaraNAgathi
and Mangalam as well as AzhwAr's Sri Sookthis 
on the Lord of Thirumalai. Please visit these home pages.


>Dearest Sri Sadagopan :
>In a complimentary response to the e-mail you sent out on Lord
Venkateswara, I am presenting here an extract from an early published monograph:
>" The Lord is standing on a high lotus pedestal.The height of the Lord has
never been recorded,but cannot be less than nine feet from the tip of the
'makutam' i.e the crown to the bottom of the lotus pedestal as can be seen
clearly on Friday when abhishekam is done after removing all the gold
'kavachas' etc.ornamenting his figure.The preist performing the worship
about five feet tall,standing on a stool two and a half feet high was not
able to perform 'abhishekam' on the Lord's Makuta without assistance from a
preist standing behind the idol. Keeping in view this fact and that the
lotus pedestal on which the Lord stands is itself below the floor in the
sanctum sanctorum, the Lord's figure  from the tip of the crownto the base
of the lotus pedestal , must measure betwen nine and ten feet.
>extracted from   " Sri Venkateswara - The Lord of the Seven Hills" by
Pidatala Sitapti ,Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan ,Bombay 1968 ( first impression ) P.17
>Haresh Balasubramaniam

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