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Re: Introduction
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 14:24:43 PDT

Dear Sri. Lakshminarayan:

Adiyen shall attempt to address to some extent, your well-intentioned
statements.  I apologize in advance if my email appears to be some kind
of "compendium" for Srivaishnava-related URLs - but this was the quickest
way I could try to direct you towards valuable information and perhaps if
possible, even obtain your participation in certain important causes.  

> For instance I saw a student member wanting to build a site on divya 
> desams,there is another member wanting to subscribe to a magazine costing 
> Rs.3/- only. All these are truly laudable. But instead of frittering away 
> energies, is there not a way all these energies can be coonsolidated and 
> coordinated?

There is a significant amount of coordination at work within the
Srivaishnava community (online and in person) now-a-days.  The publication
of magazines and construction of websites serve this larger purpose very
well, in addition to providing other benefits which you have referred to.

> Can I place the following "consolidated agenda" (in addition to whatever the 
> group has been doing)for the service of the srivaishnava community:
> 1) Develop an authentic,simple, direct and lucid commentary on "Acharya 
> Vaibhavam". This must include all acharayas of all 'kalais'including those 
> with whom we can interact today.

Please visit the following: (Poundareekapuram Srimad Andavan)

> 2) All works of all our acharyas must be consolidated and retold in a 
> simple,direct,authentic manner.
> 3)An exhaustise treatise on all "Srivaishava Sampradayas" (from birth to 
> death)must be compiled which must be authentic,direct and simple.This 
> compilation should be compulsorily owned by every srivaishanava.

Please visit: (Academy of Sanskrit
                                                      Research, Melkote)
In general:

> 4) A compilation on all Divya Desams (incorporating features like: 
> background of the dd, Unique features of the dd,seva details,photographs of 
> the utsava murthies, access to the dd and seva timings,hymns of the various 
> alwars relating to the dd) could be compiled. The compilation could be made 
> a compulsary hand book for every srivaishanava.

Please visit: (Srinivasa Vaibhavam)

In general:

> 5) Transalation of the Prabhandam
> 6) Upkeep arrangements for some of the not so famous divya desams.
> Last but not least,since the srivaishnava community is a part of any society 
> it lives in, we must also address the concerns of the society that we live 
> in. In this context the relevance of:a) Annadana for all poor, b) 
> Facilitating marriage for poor girls, c) Facilitating education for poor 
> boys and girls, & d) Medical help for the poor and unfortunate, could also 
> be debated.

Please visit:

and in general:

> I would greatly value the bhakti group member's feedback to the few thoughts 
> I have placed above.
> I also feel that since all these would require a lots of finance, we also 
> need to look at some method of "SELF FINANCING ARRANGEMENT" for this noble 
> cause.

These matters have been discussed at length in such electronic forums.
You may wish to browse the bhakti list archives, and find such relevant
postings and descriptions of efforts/outcomes etc. or contact the admin
at email: if you need more help. Concerns
about the "dying away" of valuable Srivaishnava scholarship, rituals,
tradition and the decadence of many age-old places of worship are
foremost in the minds of devout Srivaishnavas in this part of the world.
It was these concerns and motivations which led to the formation of
organizations like SVSS and the popularity of online discussion groups,
use of web pages on internet, etc.  To answer your specific question
about "self-financing", I must refer you to the SVSS pages once again:

OR (new version)

If you have further questions and/or would like to participate in these
noble efforts (since the contribution of EACH individual like yourself 
is a prerequisite to the success of such missions) - please contact:

Smt. Nagu Satyan
phone: (303) 973-4847 

or via regular (postal) mail:

Srivaishnava Seva Samithi
c/o Nagu Satyan
7821 West Alder Drive
Littleton, CO 80128-5522

Remember that YOU as an individual can make the difference.  Your first
step could be the beginning of a better future for our faith.  Just DO IT.



-Srinath Chakravarty

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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