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RE: AchArya RaamAnuja Jayanthi 2000 SamarpaNams

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 22:21:50 PDT

Sri Sadagopan writes:

to learn the recitations of
the Dhivya prabhandhams of AzhwArs in the traditonal
manner of santhai. adiyEn is interested to help
with this project . The plans are to approach
these clases two ways: (1) an hour or two at
Sri RanganAthA sannidhi at Pomona , NY on Ranga
GhOshti days every month. An excellent teacher
trained in the traditional manner has kindly volunteered
to pass on this rich tradition to us (2) A weekly sessions
for an hour or thereabout to teach using the power of
Internet tools and technologies  to rach BhakthAs
all over the country. It has been suggested weekday evenings
are better than weekend time slots for this instruction in
an asynchronous manner .


It is my pleasure to see this on the net.  Thanks to all of you who are
working on this superb task.  First thing we need to do is get education.
Learn the granthams and santhai practice.  I would like to live in the world
where all acharyas and granthams and classes come to everyone in this world
to their desktops!!  THe Rigvedic Hymn - " Aa no bhadraha kratavo yanthu
vishvataha"   which means " Let noble thoughts come to us from all
directions " is true and Internet is going to make it happen very soon.  I
know there is no substitute to learn under the feet of a Guru.  If one
cannot do it, "distance learning" has to be put into practice.

I really want everyone to make this happen.  Daily we should have some
classes.  I know that internet technology is so powerful and it can inundate
people with things.  I would rather have that happen ie. have 20 channels of
religions information come to us simultaneously so that in between our
worldly engagements and entertainments, noble thoughts will have a chance to
enter our thirsty minds.

Thanks, sri Sadagopan,

adiyen Krishna Kalale

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