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Recitation of entire Nalayira divya prabandham in Bahrain

From: R.Venkataraghavan (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 04:57:20 PDT

Sri Lakshmi nrusimha parabrahamane namaha
Srimathe Ramanujaaya namaha
Srimathe nigamaantha maha desikaaya namaha
Sri lakshmi nrusimha divya paduka sevaka sri vaN satakopa
sri Narayana yatheendra maha desikaya namaha.
Dear devotees,
namo narayana. adiyen's pranamams.
adiyen is delighted to inform all of you that our Bahrain prabandha 
has successfully recited the entire lot of naalayira divya prabandham 
March and April and the concluding session went on extremely well on 
May 5th Friday. What follows is a brief report on the grand finale.
Bahrain is a small island in the Arabian Gulf. Although Bahrain is an 
islamic country Hindu religious activities are plenty here. There is 
nice srikrishna mandhir (without any anya devathas) in 
(around 25 to 30 families)here  are having very good satsangh with 
recital of divya prabandham and monthly recitation (sravanam)of 
stotrams and desika prabandhams. Recitation of divya prabandhams 
week is in practice for the past 10 years or so WITHOUT A BREAK. 
During anadhyayana period we recite prabandhams of Swami desikan and 
Sri Manavala maamuni.
We usually recite the nityanusandhana pasurams and little bit of 
Thiruvaymozhiand Peria thirumozhi and the weeky sitting is for about
90 minutes followed by sarrumurai and prasadam.
Here adiyen have to introduce the wonderful couple Sri and Smt 
Like Thirumangai azhvar who fed 1000 devotees every day these couple 
feeding more than 100 devotees every week.There are three satsanghs in
their house every week and every one is kindly served sumptous maha 
Sri Anand karalapakkam has seen this personally last year and we are 
really fortunate to be in company of such devoted, kind couple.
They are made for each other and we pray  Sriman Narayana to shower 
limitless grace on them to continue such kaimkaryams.They always 
me of periazhvar's pasuram "kasinvaay karam virkilum karavaadhu 
sorittu thEsa vArththaikal padaikkum vaN kaiyinArgaL vAzh 
Our grand finale started at half past four.With festoons,colour paper
decoration, maavilai thoraNam,Sri. Azhagappan's residence (we call it
as thiruppathi dhaam) was looking like a "kalyaana veedu".Every 
is thrilled about this unique experience.Only very few of us have 
recitation of divya prabandham in a traditional way and for the rest 
us Sri.Sevelimedu swamy's audio cassttees are the guide.
The recitation has started with paLLANdu, amalanaadhipiran,kaNNi nuN
siruththaambu,Thiruvaymozhi 10.9(sUzh visumbu) and 10.10,
(muniyE!naan muganE) peria thirumadal and iraamaanusa nURRandhaadhi.
Then we had a break for 20 minutes for sandhyavandhanam. After the 
we have recited thiruvaymozhi nURRandhadhi, adaikkallappathu and 
prabandha saram.It was a thrilling experience to conclude the 
of 4000 with prabandha saram because as you all know this desika 
prabandham nicely summerises the entire lot of 4000. (reconcilation!)
Smt Radha vijaykumar and her students sang "kurai onRum illai and 
other few
songs.The pick of the evening was a tamil song composed on Bhagavath
Ramanuja by her guru (Smt Indira Krishnamachari). adiyen has typed 
melodious song at the bottom of the email for your pleasure of 
reading and
singing on the coming Ramanuja jayanthi.
The recitation of 4000 was concluded with vedha and prabandha 
Sri.Ananth has recited the upanishad passages (samhitha,ashtakam,
thaiththirIyAraNyakam, thaiththarIyOpanishad, samavedham and kadagam)
very well.We were however missing the company of Sri.Chary swami who 
bahrain last year.
The prabandha saRRu muRai was a long one with pasurams from 
peria thirumozhi( nallai nenche,nandha naragaththu)Thirunedum 
Thiruvaymozhi( akalakillen, sUzhndha kanRu),kanni nun 
noorandhadhi,thiruvaymozhi noorandhadhi,adaikkalappathu,adikara 
prabandha saram,pillai andhadhi,pallandu and sarva dhesa dhasa 
We then have sambavana and the collection of the evening will be sent 
navalpakkam srinivasa perumaL koil thvajasthambam renovation 
The recitation has concluded with manavalamaamuni and desika mangalam.
Then a grand feast was served. Incidently adiyen was told that 108 
were offered to perumaL to signify the 108 divya desams sung by our 
The recitation of the entire divya prabandham has given a chance for 
kaimkaryam. Since most of us are not familiar with recitation of 4000 
there were not enough user friendly books.So five of us (srimans 
Krishnakumar,Ramanujam,Sundarrajan and adiyen) have parsed the entire 
prabandham listening to the audio recitaion of Sri.Sevelimedu swamy.
This exercise included fixing of the typos, introducing * for the 
where to be pause and breaking the compound tamil words.We have 
the prabandham from web and improved it as above and finally 
converted the 
text file to a MS Word document using Adhawin. We were encouraged by
sri.Dileepan to take up this kaimkaryam and hopefully these files 
will be
uploaded in the web. If any one of you is interested in receiving an
advance copy please let me know. Of course there is still room to 
and we will be working on it right away.We might have taken more than
7000 printouts/ photo copies in the last two months. Believe me,with
the parsed text we could easily recite even peria thirumozhi.
We pray to the divya dhampathis to give us opportunity for more and 
more kaimkaryams in the years to come. Let HIM keep us amidst of 
bhagavathas all the time. 
Thanks for your patient reading.
Azhagiya singer thiruvadigaLE saranam.
adiyen dasan,
venkataraghava dasan.
A krithi on Bhagavath Ramanuja:
raamaanujaa! raamaanujaa!
raamaanujaa raamaanujaa enRu sollip paadaNum..
nam nAvinil varAdhu pOnAl nallavarOdu sEraNum.(raamaanujaa..)
ANdAL thiruppaavaiyai AsaiyudanE paadaNum.
adiyaar kuzhaangaLudan gOshtiyaakavE sEraNum. (raamaanujaa..
keNYchik keNYchi kEdkaNum. thaNYcham enrE paNiyaNum.
aNYcana vaNNan paadhaththil adimaiyaakavE pukuraNum. (raamaanujaa..
AzhvaargaL avathariththa nAtkaLaik koNdaadaNum
avar aruLichcheytha prabandhaththai AsaiyudanE paadaNum.(raamanujaa..
poygaiyaar bUthaththaar pEyaar padhinmar pugazhai paadaNum
paasuram varaadhu pOnaal baktharOdu sEraNum.. (raamaanujaa..
kOyil thirumalaiyil kudiyaagavE  irukkaNum
gOvindhan naamangaLai gOshtiyaagavE paadaNum.(raamaanujaa
thiruvarangam thirumalaiyil iruppu illaamal pOnaalum
raamaanujaa raamaanujaa enru sollip paadaNum..(raamaanujaa..


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