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AchArya RaamAnuja Jayanthi 2000 SamarpaNams

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 05:52:13 PDT

Dear BhakthAs:

Yesterday, we celebrated at Sri Ranganatha temple 
the Mahothsavam of our grest AchAryan's 984th birthday.
SampradhAyic Dhivya Prabhandham recitations were complimented by 
recitaions of Sri YathirAja sathathi , Sri RaamAnuja
NooRRandhAthi . A traditonal SaaRRumurai was a fititng 
finale for this Uthsavam .

The RangaghOshti members came together with other BhakthAs
to recite dhivya prabhandham . adiyEn is delighted
to hear that they will come together once a month
to recite dhivya Prabhandham dear to Sri RanganAyaki SamEtha 
Sri Ranganaathan at His Sannidhi. AdiyEn requests
every one interested in reciting and/or learning to 
come together on the monthly ghOshti days , recite 
the dear AzhwAr's dhivya prabhandhams as bhakthAs
of our Lord of limitless compassion and receive 
the dhivya dampathis' blessings. 

During the discussions after the celebrations ,
many expressed interest to learn the recitations of
the Dhivya prabhandhams of AzhwArs in the traditonal
manner of santhai. adiyEn is interested to help
with this project . The plans are to approach
these clases two ways: (1) an hour or two at
Sri RanganAthA sannidhi at Pomona , NY on Ranga 
GhOshti days every month. An excellent teacher 
trained in the traditional manner has kindly volunteered
to pass on this rich tradition to us (2) A weekly sessions
for an hour or thereabout to teach using the power of 
Internet tools and technologies  to rach BhakthAs 
all over the country. It has been suggested weekday evenings
are better than weekend time slots for this instruction in
an asynchronous manner .

A small committee of BhakthAs including adiyEn, 
Srimathi Sheela Belur and Sri Gopalan ( Oppili Swamy)
of metroploitan Washington D.C area will work out
the details if there is sufficent interest for 
these classes. 

Please let me know of your interests .Here is a golden 
opportunity to learn the recitation of these treasures
of Tamizh Marai (Vedams) from your own homes .It is
a wonderful opportunity for members at all levels of
ages to learn and help build Sri VaishNava communities 
that are familiar with these sacred collect of 
Four Thousand .

After getting your feedbacks , we can work on the details
of delivery over the Internet using chat rooms and 
teleconferencing .We have to find an inexpensive way
to get connected.adiyEn invites comments from 
internet tools experts to suggest ways.

May all sampradhAyams rooted in AchArya RaamAnuja
darsanam come together and raise their unified voice
and celebrate the dhivya Prabhandhams and Vedam 
at the sacred feet of Ubhaya VedAntha VibhUthi-nAthan , 
Sri RanganAthan . After all He is "NamperumAL"
and is our eternal Kula Dhanam. May the VaishNava
Sri grow and attain new heights of auspiciousness in
this 984th year of the avathAram of AchArya RaamAnujA .

It is in this spirit , it is my pleasre to announce 
the completion of "Aarthi Prabhnadham " commentary 
in the Home pages created for Sri MaNavALa MaamunigaL,
one of the greatest BhakthAs of AchArya RaamAnujA , who was
given the name of YathIdhra PravaNar by His AchAryAn .
The moving plea by Sri MaNavALa MaamunigaL to AchArya
RaamAnujA echoing the sentiments of AzhwArs, AmudanAr and
Sri VedAntha Desikan in Aarthi prabhandham are covered 
well by the contributing author, Kaanchipuram U.Ve.
Sri ThirumalaiaandAn SriinivasaachAr Swamy with the capable
assistance of his son , Professor T.A.Vijayaraghavan 
and hi wife, Srimathi Sudha Vijyaraghavan.

The URLs are: for the Main pages
for Sri MaNavALa MaamunigaL .  


P.S : It is adiyEn's pleasure in this context of 
AzhwAr's aruLiccheeyalkaL to invite your attention 
to the special home pages created by Sri Aravind Krishnan 
of Chicago at adiyEn's request for the CD ROM under
design on the Life and works of AzhwArs and the 108
Dhivya dEsams that they performed MangalAsAsanam .
The URL is:

What you will see there is more like an introduction 
and a lot more content is being assembled right now.
It appears that there is material for atleast two
or more CD ROMs on this magnificent topic dear to
us all .My sincere thanks to Sri Aravind Krishnan
for his quality kaimkaryam to create these introductory
home pages .

It's Easy. It's Fun. Best of All, it's Free!

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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