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Bhagavat Ramanuja's Kainkaryams - Briefly

From: M.S.HARI (Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari) (
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 20:11:43 PDT

Shreematey Raamaanujaaya Namaha

Dear Shree Vaishnavas,

Let us all think of the great Kainkaryams and Upakaarams done by our
Greatest Aacharya Bhagavat Ramanuja Yatiraja today which is his
Avataara Tiru Nakshaktram.

Bhagavat Raamaanuja fullfilled the three wishes of Shree Bhagavat
Yaamunacharya and re-established the Parama Vaidika Matam which
is Visistaadvatia Shree Vaishnavam.

Our Aacharya contributed 9 celebrated works like 9 divine gems. They
1. Vedaartha Samgraham - The essence of Veda
2. Shree Bhaasyam - The elaborate commentry on Brahma Sutra
3. Vedanta Deepam - Commentry on Brahma Sutra shorter than Shree Bhaasya
4. Vedanta Saaram - Commentry on Brahma Sutra shorter than Vedanta Deepa
5. Shree Gita Bhasya - Commentry on Bhagavat Gita
6. Saranagati Gadya - Reg. Saranagati
7. Shree Ranga Gadya - Reg. the divine mercy on Shree Ranganatha
8. Shree Vaikunta Gadya - Reg. the trancendental divine Shree Vaikunta
9. Nitya Granta - Reg. daily duties and Bhagavat Aaradhana.

Shree Bhagavat Raamaanuja made his diciple Tiru Kurugai Piran Pillan
to write an extraorinary commentry on Tiru Vai Mozhi of Shree
Satakopa Namalvar.

Shree Bhagavat Raamaanuja made the names of Sage Parasara and Sage
Vyasa to spread in the world with glory.

Shree Bhagavat Raamaanuja established the Nitya Aaradhana krama in
many temples properly. Tirupati Shree Venkatam, Tillai Chitrakutam,
Tiru Narayanapuram (Yaadhavaadri) are few to name.

Shree Bhagavat Raamaanuja made the Lord himself to exclaim on seeing
his services at Tiru Kurungudi.

Shree Bhagavat Raamaanuja made thousands of diciples to preach 
Visistaadvaita Shree Vaishnavam after his period. Shree Sudarsana
Suri, Vatsya Varadaacharyar (Nadaadur Ammal) are few names among 
thousands to mention. 

Shree Bhagavat Raamaanuja's order has to be executed properly with
ultimate devotion and dedication. This is the way by which we
can serve the lotus feet of Shree Bhagavat Raamaanuja Yatiraja.
1. A Shree Vaishnava after undergoing Pancha Samskaram has to
study the Shree Bhasya and preach its meaning to his selected
students. If this is not possible, then
2. He must study the Divya Prabandam with its commentries of
our Aacharyas and preach its meaning to selected students. If this
is not possible, then
3. He must do service in Divya Desams like preparing sandal wood
paste, flower/tulasi garlends for Lord Hari. If this is also not
possible, then
4. He must contemplete on the divine meaning of the mantra ratnam
which is the Dvaya mantram as taught by his Aacharya. Even if this
is not also possible then
5. He without ego(ahamkara mamakarams) must serve a qualified
Shree Vaishnava (Bhaagavata).

Dear Shree Vaishnavas, I have given only in brief the extraordinary
services of Shree Bhagavat Raamaanuja Yatiraja. Even great scholars
like Shreeman Nigamanta Maha Desika have said that the glory of
Shree Ramanuja Yatiraja is beyond their words. Such is the infinite
glory of our Aacharya. In this day which is his Avatara Tiru Nakshatram,
we may remember His greatest services and get Aacharyas blessings. Let us
all be proud to call ourself as "Raamaanuja Daasa".

For further explanation of Bhagavat Ramanuja's works, please write to

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI Raamaanuja Daasan.

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