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Please subscribe to Sri Sriranga Satajith Krupa- Tamil magazine

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 06:42:35 PDT

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah:

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

This is my personal request. We, at Singapore have been receiving for the 
past five months, a monthly Tamil magazine (about 30 pages), released by one 
Sri Ananthapadmanabhan, an ardent sishya of Sri Purisai Krishnamachariar, at 
Madras. He is only in his mid twenties, (not Anand Karalapakkam) and is a 
Sanskrit Siromani and MA, Mphil. He stages even lots of sanskrit dramas in 
MAdhuranthakam school on our sampradaic issues. He had even declined few 
great offers outside Madras (just beacsue he wants to do these kaimkaryams 
of relesaing magazines and staging dramas). His magazine is NOT yet another 
Srivaishnava magazine, and is not a Hi-Fi language. IT IS VERY SIMPLE, VERY 
easy to read and easy to understand as if he attempts to explain to dull 
headed guys like me. He has got even cross word puzzle in the last page. 
This issue has all puzzles on Ramanuja. Very nice and highly informative 
magazine. My son is the first person to answer this cross word puzzle. It is 
very good for beginners like us. Good reading. There are also articles like 
"kavin migu kaakshigaL" (poetic scenery about a Divya Desam- as described 
beautifully in AzhwAr pAsurams )

He gets more often than not nice suggestions and comments and feed back from 
the AchAryas and vidwans, but he needs to sell them to make it keep going. 
There are also vidwans like Sri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimhachariar, Sri 
Vatsangachariar and others who write very simple write ups on sampradic 
issues. Sri Azhagiya singar too, affectinaletly call Sri Ananthapadmanabhan, 
as "PathrAdhipar". Sri Poundarikapuram Andavan always writes comments and 
gives fed back on his issues. LET US TOO SUPPORT HIM for HIS GOOD CAUSE. He 
intends to allocate some of his magazine money for 108 DD project (as a long 
term objective). He has tremendous plans, if only we contribute.

It is priced at Rs. 3 per month and for the year, Rs 35/- For those in 
india, please send to his address given below.

For thsoe living abroad, he has priced at US $ 2/- Please send 25 $ for one 
year (or %0 $ for two years) to his address. Please send him your 
requirement. you can also suggest to others who are not in this list. The 
intent is to encourage him and his mamooth kaimkaryam.

You may also visit the web page maintained by Sri Achutha Raman (of 
Singapore) on this magazine: You may 
alternatively write to Sri Achutha Raman at for 
subcription on-line. He can help.

"Garuda" name because -he has applied to Govt for getting a license to run a 
magazine by "Garuda" name, whereby it can reach wider public, (who may shun 
with the complex name "Sriranga Satajith krupa"- like myself).

I am just translating one small atricle appeared in one issue for your 
taste: (Error in translation is only mine)
How Bhagawathas need to feel about one another:

During Sri Thoopul Vedantha Desikan Purattaasi SraVaNa uthsavam, Swamy 
Desikan had gracefully come out on beautiful procession and was majestically 
sitting at the Aanai katti MaNdapam. (Hall). Then two Srivaishnava 
Bhagawathas had a small argument on Vedantha and differed on one issue. That 
time one Swamy spoke to the other swamy in slightly stronger words and hurt 
the other one. The other one really fely hurt and was sitting at the corner 
witha long face. "Why did he speak in that hurting manner? Is that correct 
Swamy?" he asked Sri ThirukkOttiyoor Swamy who passed by that way. Sri 
ThirukkOttiyoor Swamy said smilingly, "Does a Srivaishnava Bhagawatha NOT 
have a RIGHT to scold us and get angry at us? We, on the contrary should 
feel happy that there is this Sri Vaishnava (adiyaar) who has right to get 
angry with me. It is my Bhagyam, which others do not have. That is 
(perfectlyt correct) "romba nyayam" as well as in accordance with our 
Sampradayic saasthram too. You should never feel bad and hurt. What did 
PeriyAzhwAr say? "pEsuvaar adiyaargaL emthammai viRkavum peRuvaaRgaLE. " 
(menas: Those who speak (about me), are even qualified to sell me. (Thus, I 
belong to them as their possession. They can do anything with me). What's 
wrong if they scold?."- Thus spoke Sri ThirukkOttoyoor Swamy.


Sri M.V Anantha Padmanabhan's address:
Sree Malola enterprises,
Sri Ahobilam,
15/2, Devanathan Colony,
West Mambalam,
Chennai- 600 033
Phone: 91-44-471 2284.

Such great artilces appear in this excellent small booklet. PLEASE HELP US 


Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

P.S For those who don't know Tamil can still send money as kaimkaryam. and 
this list Bhagawathas can translate few interesting articles.
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