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Sensitive Issues when querying Srimad Azhagiya Singar

From: Murali Kadambi (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 11:32:44 PDT

Dear bhAgawatas,

In the past year or so we have been enjoying the
lecture series by several of our AcAryas back home. 
Among the several that have been organized, the
tele-upanyAsam series by His Holiness Srimad Azhagiya
Singar (HHSAS) happens to be interactive as well. 
This kind of interaction with a live AcArya on the
other side can be considered a boon for the people on
the tele-bridge all across the globe.

While it is good that only a few people are allowed
access to the interactive feature (to avoid clutter
and noise on the line), that should be *STRICTLY*
considered a privilege.  And with every privilege
comes an important responsibility.  In this case, it
is that bhAgawatas be *very careful* in querying HHSAS
on topics that are most general to the audience.  Let
me take a few examples to elucidate my point.

1.  Question to HHSAS: "What is the difference between
the Lord's swarUpam and rUpam?"  This is a pretty
general question and causes no alterations in people's
lives when HHSAS gives an answer.

2.  However, the outcome of the question "Should
vishnu sahasranAmam (VS) be recited by ladies?" *most
certainly* affects people's lives.  My wife had been
reciting the VS ever since she was a kid, and had to
abruptly stop it as a result of a gratuitous question
posed to HHSAS.

3. Similarly, the question "Should Sri Vaishnavas go
to temples which have anya dEvatas installed?" is
extremely personal.  While some lucky souls might have
a choice in this matter, many of us residing outside
India *UNFORTUNATELY DO NOT*.  In the middle of Boyce,
Idaho, where Indians and Indian culture are rarities,
let alone SrIvaishnavas and SrIvaishnava temples, you
are more a beggar than a chooser.  And the response
that HHSAS gives might *not* be exactly what you want
to hear.

My point again is that the public forum should be used
with care not to upset people's lives.  It is a
privilege and a pleasure that we hear an AcArya half a
globe away.  Please let those memories stay sweet. 
And, for those that are really interested in AcAram
issues, may they please individually take these issues
up directly with HHSAS, not on a public forum.

a. question the sincerity of the devotee posing such
b.  dispute that the questions are important,
c.  point fingers at the messenger who posed the
question on someone else's behalf, nor
d.  question the appropriateness of the answers
provided by HHSAS.
I just want to say that the outcome is un-called-for.

Please forgive me if I have offended anyone.

-- aDiyEn, muraLi kaDAmbi

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