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Periya Thirumozhi 8.10-"maRRumOr deivam uLadhu enRu iruppaarOdu uRRilEn

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 04:48:40 PDT

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

An excellent ten! Great words! AzhwAr explains what he is blessed with by 
holding on to Sri Sowri Raja PerumAL.

1.	Swami! The One who is the object and target of Nithya anapayinee (one who 
never separates herself from PerumAL) Periya Pirrati’s kataaksham ! The One 
who enjoys everything! The Chief and Lord, who is praised as the Greatest of 
all in four Vedas! Oh ThirukkaNNapuram Swami! What is Your thinking on 
adiyEn- Your daasa bhUthan- who enjoys serving You alone and who enjoys 
seeing You alone and enjoys that enjoyment alone. Please tell me of Your 

2.	KaNNapuratthu ammanE! The oceans, the mountains, the seven worlds, 
(saptha aavaraNams), have all become Your one garland. Oh unparalleled One! 
Leaving such greatest You, I will not consider and take refuge at all, to 
any other Devas (who claim that they will save). Never ever.

3.	 “maRRumOr deivam uLadhu enRu iruppaarOdu uRRilEn” I will never ever 
(OTHER THAN YOU). KaNNapuratthu ammanE! There is no GOD except You. All that 
adiyEn is blessed to have learned from dEvarIr, who has taught me and 
initiated me into Your ashtaaksharam is: Though it has taught me many 
meanings and inner esoteric deep truths, it teaches me mainly this: that 
adiyEn is the servant (daasa bhUthan) of Your servants.

4.	Oh BhUmi PiraaTTi vallabha! ThirukkaNNapuram Swami! The enjoyment of 
Periya PirraTTi, one who stays eternally on lotus flower in Your Chest! I 
have enjoyed You. I have enjoyed that effortless, marvelous act of sucking 
the life along with the breast milk of Poothanai, the cruel, raakshasi from 
her marge youthful breasts, who had come in the guise of a beautiful young 
lady to kill You with her poisonous breast milk! You finished her off so 
wonderfully. I have enjoyed thinking of that act of Yours so beautifully.

5.	Oh ThirukkaNNapuratthu ammanE! I do not desire or long for the earthly 
parents or any other relations. I have no love or affection to any one else. 
Hence, I have attained Your abode and You alone. “This daasa bhUthan is mine 
and My bhandhu.”- Thus You should consider me in your mind bless me and have 
krupai (mercy) on me.

6.	Kannapuratthu PermALE! Those Bhagawathas, who hold on to Your Feet and 
pray for performing nithya kaimkaryam alone at Your feet, do not get yama 
kinkarars (servants of Yama) reach them or come any where near them at all. 
They simply say to those Bhagawathas “Masters! We are scared coming near 
you.” Because You protect them. Sure.You will take care of us.

7.	ThirukkaNNapuratthu permALE! The One who reclines on Adhisheshan, having 
Yoga nithrA! The SarvEshwarA! The yama dhUthaas not only do not come near 
Your devotees; they even hide and are afraid of coming in front of them.

8.	ThirukkaNNapuratthu EmperumaanE! I am now thinking of our marevelous acts 
of measuring the whole universe by taking such a HUGE form; by cutting the 
strong chest of that hiraNyan with your sharp nails.  What wonderful acts 
they are! This mahaa paai- adiytEn who had been committing innumerable 
paapams and karmas and had not thought of this Athma rakshaNam so far- has 
now attained Your Feet and hence, is not suffering with any sorrow or 
grievance at all.

9.	Kannapuratthu ammanE! You blessed me so mercifully by considering me as 
Your daasa bhUthan. Due to Your krupai, adiyEn is able to get rid of all my 
karmic disease. Further more, You have blessed and showed to the world Your 
presence and stay in  adiyEn’s heart by letting me sing these pAsurams 

10.	 This ten Tamil pAsurams is sung by Kaliyan (who always has 
ThirukkaNNapura PerumAn, the one who has to be enjoyed to the full eyes’ 
content at KaNNapuram, is in his heart and who has Bhagavath kaimkaryam as 
his wealth). Those Bhagawathas who consider this ten as their wealth and 
sing them, will CERTAILNY reach and rule the Parama padham, which is beyond 
the Universes.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadiagLE SaraNam

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