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Pranavam & its meaning

From: M.S.HARI (Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari) (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 19:22:02 PDT

Dear Shree Bhaagavatas,

Ref: My posting "The Secret Enshrined in the Pranavam"

With reference to my posting regarding the "Pranavam and its meaning",
I would like to say few more words regarding the same. The secret
meanings of "Rahasya Trayam" should be obtained only from an
Aacharya. The meaning explained by me was only for information sake.
Only when the "Guru" teaches the "Mantra" to his disiple, the "Mantra"
becomes effective. The "Mantra-artha" (the mantra & its meaning) should
be protected by the disiple in his heart.

I request you all to kindly make a note of this information. Also I will
avoid posting "Rahasya Traya- meanings" in future.

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI Raamaanuja Daasan.

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