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Saranagathi Vol.03.003

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Apr 30 2000 - 18:38:37 PDT

Dear BhakthAs:

It is our pleasure to let you know that
we have released the third issue of SaraNAgathi
Journal today. The contents are listed below.
The " What is in this week " is a feature that 
we are adding to bring to your attention 
the particular events of interest to
Sri VaishNavA community in terms of
uthsavams and Thirunakshathrams.

V.Sadagopan & S.Rengarajan
Ediror & Publisher/Co-Editor

>VOL :  03.003                                      29. April 2000
>In this  Issue:
>1.  Editorial
>2.  An Outline of PramEyA in VisistAdhvaitA -Sri  M S Hari
>3.  The vEdhic tradition of Revelation - Sri N.S. Anantha RangAchAr
>4.  PradhAna Sathakam - Part 14 - Sri V. Sadagopan
>5.  What is in this week?  List of festivals and events, this week
>5. What is in this week?
>April 30 - ekAdasi vrtham, SriAhobilamuth 32nd Jeer thirunakshatram
>May 2 - thiruth thEr in Srirangam
>May 3 - Agni  nakshatra  pravEsam,  sapthAvarana  sARRumuRai in  Sri
>        rangam, Sri Vaduga nambi thiru  nakshatram,  Srimushnam  Sri
>        VarAha jayanthi
>May 4 - AmAvAsyai,  "ALum  pallakku"  in  Srirangam,  Sriperumputhur
>        udayavar koorEsa vijayam
>May 5 - Chandra Darsanam in Srirangam, Uyyak koNdAr thiru nakshatram
>May 6 - Akshaya  thrithiyai,  Sri Balarama Jayanthi,  Sri   RAmAnuja
>        jayanthi celebrations in Pomona, Newyork, engaL AzhwAn thiru
>        nakshatram, Sriperumputhur Udayavar thiru manthrArttham
>May 7 - Sri RAmAnuja jayanthi celebrations in Pomona,  Newyork,  Sri
>        perum puthir thiru thEr
>May 8 - Sri  RAmAnuja  Jayanthi,  sOmyAji AndAn thiru nakshatthiram,
>        Sri perum puthur sARRu muRai

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