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Re: Digest Number 24

From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 10:33:14 PDT

Thiruvengada Jeeyar Thiruvadigale saranam

>Om Namo Narayana
>Dear Sri Bhagavathotamas,
>	While discussing with my friend(an advaithin), the topic of tirumala
>deity cropped up. my friend said that it was emperumanar who chaned the
>appearance of a swyampu ambal to resemble thiruvengadamudiyan. is it true?

No. In those days, first the saivas argued that it was 
Murugan. Then they changed thier color and said ki it could be Hara or Hari-Hara combination. All their claims were refuted by Bhagavadramanuja.

>	Is there any purana references to tirumala as any deity other than

absoilutely no. the opponents quote a few things from here and there,  even skanda purANa, a tAmasika purANa does not support their view. 
>	>	also can anyone tell me why smarthas refuse to accept
>thiruvengadamudiyan as an incarnation of naryana?

there are very good devotees of Lord Srimannarayana of venkatachalam from all sects of the society. one of the previos pontiffs of Srungeri sankara mutt composed the famous vEnkatesa karAvalamba stOtram on the lines of narasimha karavalambam of Adisankara.

if somebody does not accept Him to be vishnu but treat Him to be inferior, it is their problem. in one of his krutis, annamacharya says "ghanabuddhulaku ghanudavu
alpa buddhulaku alpambaguduvu" which means You are great for great souls and small for people with a tiny brain. before saying this line, he describes Him as siva for Saivas, bhairava for kaapaalikas etc in the same song. interestingly, one acharya of a particular school of thought used to quote  this song of annamayya and claim that annamayya himself admitted that Lord Venkatesa is a conglomorate of various deities.

"matikshayAn nivartantE na gOvinda guNa kshayAt"

while giving the meaning of the above line, sriman ramanuja iyengar in his stotra ratna commentary says that even brahma, rudra et al. sometimes turn their face away from Bhagavan, which is due to their inability to think properly and not due to any dearth of His ananta kalyanagunas.


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