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Apr 1 - Panguni Hastham - Amuthanar Tiru nakshathram

From: Venkatesh K. Elayavalli (
Date: Wed Mar 31 1999 - 23:22:50 PST

Dear Members

Today is Panguni Hastham, the tirunakshathram of Acharya Tiruvarangath

Following is a short biography of Sri Amuthanar.

Amuthanar was born in Srirangam, (father's name Aniarangath  amuthanar),

and was known as Moongil kudi amudhanar as well as Koil Nambi. At a very

young age he was well versed in various branches of Vedic study and
as a purohit at the Ranganathar temple.

Sri Ramanuja was in charge of the temple activities and Nambi had
taking directions from him. This troubles Ramanuja and was in confusion
to how to get Nambi into his fold. Under the divine guidance by Perumal,

Ramanujar let Nambi perform the duties as purohit at the temple and
Koorath aazhvan to gain Nambi's confidence. Koorath aazhvan subsequently

got to know Nambi and accepted him as his disciple. This started a great

transformation in Nambi, who was well learned in Tamil and Sanskrit. He
gave up his authority at the temple to Ramanujar and started helping him
daily activities at the temple. Impressed by his transformation,
gave him the title "Amuthan." Since then he was known as tiruvarangath
amuthanar, as well as pillai amuthanar.

Not being a purohit at the temple brought great sadness to Amuthanar.
Ramanujar, sensing this, requested Pillai tiruvanrangap perumal araiyar
to include Amuthanar as part of daily Sevai at the Sannithi. As a result

Amuthanar being proficient in tamil subsequently composed the 108
Ramanuja Noorranthathi which became part of daily recital at the temple.

Some compare the acharya/sishya  relationship (as an example of acharya
abhimana) between Ramanujar and Amuthanar to that of St. Nammazhvar
and Mathurakaviazhvar.

Amuthanar is said to have lived for 128 year.

Azhvar emperumanar jeeyar tiruvadikalE Saranam

Venkatesh K Elayavalli