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Periya Thirumozhi 2.6- Nenjil thozhuvaarai thozhuvaay en nenjE!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Mar 31 1999 - 17:30:01 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

ThirumangaiAzhwAr describes in 2.6: It is great to hold on to the 
Bhagawathas who are deeply involved and immersed in their bhakti towards 
Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan. He declares that WE SHALL NOT EVEN THINK 

1. naNNaadha vaaLavuNa ridaippukku* vaanavaraip/
    peNNaagi amudhoottum perumaanaar* maruviniya/
    thaNNaarnNdha kadanmallaith thalasayanaththu uRaivaarai/
    eNNaadhE iruppaarai iRaippozhudhum eNNOmE.

"The Lord- who appeared as a Beautiful Mohini avataar, and gloriously 
distributed the amudham (nectar) to Devas, deceived the asurAs who are 
with their swords and who don't take refuge at the Lord and never 
considered the Greatness of Emperumaan, with Her mOhini alankaram- is 
here reclining at Thirukkadalmallai (Mahabhalipuram)- Thalasayana 
perumAn. Those who do not think and meditate on this PerumAn, saying 
"Alas! What a simplicity! How modest is this PerumAn! What a sowlabhyam! 
How does He sleep on the floor!" and admiring His greatness-  we shall 

2.  paarvaNNa madama~ngai paninanmaa malarkkizhatthi*/
     neervaNNan maarvagatthil irukkaiyai munninaindhavannUr/
     kaarvaNNa mudhumunneer kadanmallaith thalasayanam/
     aareNNum ne~njudaiyaar avar emmai aaLvaarE.

"BhUmi PiraaTTi, who has great abhimanam for the Earth (and us living 
in), stays to the left of Emperumaan, who has got the blue hued colour 
of the Ocean; Periya PiraaTTi- MahAlakshmi- the Pattamahishi- One born 
of cool, beautiful red Lotus flower stays in the right Chest of 
Emperumaan; Those who think of Them (Periya PiraaTTi and BhUmi PiraTTi) 
and consider Their (the PiraaTTis') purushaakaaram, will be awe-struck 
at Emperumaan's KaaruNyam- sowlabhyam of staying (on the floor) of 
Thirukkadanmallai, hugged by the ocean- Those devotees are ONLY CAPABLE 

3. yEnatthin uruvaagi nilamangai yezhil koNdaan*/
    vaanatthilavar muRaiyaal magizhndhEtthi valangoLLa/
    kaanatthin kadanmallaith thalasayanath thuRaiginRa/
    jnAnanatthin oLiyuruvai ninaivaar en naayagarE.

"Once, when the Mother Earth was in trouble, Varaaha PerumAN brought the 
Earth back and enjoyed the beauty of BhUmni PiraaTTi; Even the celestial 
bodies - Devas come and praise Him and perform their kaimkaryam at 
Thirukkadal mallai- He is so blissfully and so gracefully showing 
Himself there! Devotees- who think of the Divine Body of this 
Thalasayana PerumAn, which is personification of lustrous jnAnam 
(Knowledge) and immerse themselves in Him and His ThirumEni- are my 

4. viNdaarai venRaavi vilanguNNa* melliyalaar/
    koNdaadum mallagala mazhalERa venjamatthuk/
    kaNdaarai* kadanmallaith thalasayanaththu uRaivaarai/
    koNdaadum nenjudaiyaar avar engaL kuladheyvamE. 

"rAvaNan- who always won the battles against his enemies and let their 
dead bodies be eaten by the eagles and wolves,- whose strong broad chest 
was hugged lovingly by beautiful women- was won over by Emperumaan in 
the battle filed and his body was let to be engulfed by the pyre- Such 
Greatest Most strongest Lord seen in that battle- is reclining and is 
having His Yoga nithrA at Thirukkadalmallai. Those who worship Him and 
praise Him keeping Him in the caves of their hearts- Bhagawthas- are the 
Kula deivams (Lords) for us. 
    5. picchach chiRu peelich chamaNkuNdar mudhalaayOr*/
        vicchaik kiRaiyennu mavviRaiyaip paNiyaadhE/
        kacchik kidandhavanoor kadalmallaith thalasayanam/
        nacchith thozhuvaarai nacchenRan nannenjE! 

"Oh ,my dearest mind that is always bent upon doing good only to me! 
Please pay your obeisance to those Bhagwathas willingly and lovingly in 
most endearing manner, who worship the Lord of Thiruve:gaa, who reclines 
at Thirukkadalmallai and not to the one who was claimed to be the Lord 
of all arts by those Jains (loitering around with the peacock feathers)"

6. pulankoL nidhikkuvaiyOdu puzhaikkaimaa kaLiRRinamum/
    nalangoL navamaNikkuvaiyum sumandhengum naanRosindhu/
    kalangaL iyangum mallaikadanmallaith thalasayanam/
    valangoL manaththavarai valangoL en madanenjE!

"Oh my obedient mind! Please circumbulate (perform pradhakshiNam) those 
Bhagawthas who devotedly with great bhakti, minds bent on circumbulating 
the Divya Desam of Thirukkadalmallai, where there are heaps of Gold are 
found; where there are lots of strong elephants are seen; where the 
Navarathna~ngaL (nine gems) are quite common; (such rich, fertile place 
it is!)

7. panjich chiRukoozhai uruvaagi* maruvaadha/
    vanjappeN nanjuNda aNNal mun naNNaadha/
    kanjaik kadandhavanUr kadanmallaith thalasayanam/
   nenjil thozhuvaaraith thozhuvaay en thooy nenjE!

"Oh my purest mind! Please pay your obeisance to those Bhagawathas- who 
think of Emperumaan of Thirukkadalmallai- Thalasayana PerumAn- and pay 
their obeisance to Him, who, destroyed the evil minded Kamsan in front 
of him; who is sweet Lord of all; who, as little darling boy Kutti 
KaNNan, having the beautiful peacock feather on His lovely dark tresses, 
- sucked the life along with the poisonous breast milk of the cunning 
demon lady Puthanai." (The mind is addressed as pure because it is 
willing to listen obediently to pay its obeisance to Bhagawathas, unlike 
our minds!)

8.  sezhuneer malarkkamalam thiraiyundhu vanpagattaal/
     uzhuneer vayaluzhavaruzhap pinmun pizhaitthezhundha/
     kazhuneer kadikamazhum kadanmallaith thalasayanam/
     thozhuneer manatthaaraith thozhuvaay en thooy nenjE!

(What lovely Tamizh! Please read the transliteration for those who can 
speak Tamizh! What  a poet!) "The farmers whose duty was only to plough 
and nothing else, and those farmers utilising the strong oxen plough the 
fields, and while doing that, the muddy waters and the lotus flowers get 
shifted hither and thither; such most fertile beautiful land is 
Thirukkadalmallai. And those devotees who pay their obeisance to the 
Lord of such most fragrant Thirukadalmallai- oh my purest mind! Please 
pay your obeisance to them!

9. piNangaLidu kaadadhanuL nadamaadu pinjnaganOdu/
    iNangu thiruchchakkaratthu emperumaanaarkkidam* visumbil/
    kaNangaLiyangum mallaikkadanmallaith thalasayanam/
    vaNangum manaththaar avarai vaNangu enRan madanenjE!

"Oh my obedient mind! My pure mind! Please pay your obeisance to those 
Bhagawathas who worship and pay their obeisance to the Lord of 
Thirukkadalmallai- where the Lord is worshipped even by Devas living in 
the heaven -Thalasayana PerumAn- who is the Lord having ChakrA in His 
Hand; my Lord- who, out of His own will, mercifully, has granted a place 
in His Divine ThirumEni, for Sivan (the One who has the destruction as 
the duty given to him; who dances in the graveyard where the corpses are 

10. kadikamazhum nedumaRugil kadanmallaith thalasayanatthu/
      adigaLadiyE ninaiyum adiyavargaLtham adiyaan/
     vadikoL neduvElvalavan kaliganRi yolivallaar/
     mudikoL nedumannavartham mudhal mudhal aavaarE.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr always think of the devotees who always mediate and 
think of the Lotus Feet of Emperumaan- Thalasayanatthu Emperumaan- the 
Lord of Thirukkadalmallai- which is well laid out with the most fragrant 
roads (fragrance due to the trees with lots of flowers). He has sung 
these ten pAsurams on these devotees and the reciters will become the 
king of kings on this world. 

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan 

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