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Mar 31 - Nanjeeyar Tiru Nakshathram

From: Venkatesh K. Elayavalli (
Date: Wed Mar 31 1999 - 06:31:10 PST

Dear Members

Today is Panguni Uttiram. It is also the Tirunakshathram of Sri

Following is a short biography of the acharya

Nanjiyar, initially known as Madhavadasa, belonged to an
Advaita family of philosophers residing in Melkote in Karnataka
state. He was a renowned scholar whose popularity led Sri Bhattar
to Melkote and win his allegiance after a week long debate.
Madhavadasa continued to preach and practice Visistadvaita in

It is said that when Madhavadasa was away from home, his wife
turned away some Sri Vaishnavas who had approached them
seeking food. Madhavadasa was so upset about the incident that
he renounced grhasthaasrama and became a sannyaasin. He decided
to move to Srirangam and practice Visistadvaita at bhattar's feet.
When Bhattar saw Madhavadasa clad in ascetic's garb, he called him
NanjIyar (our jIyar).

Sri Nanjiyar, who is said to have lived 105 years (1182 - 1287 AD),
wrote the following commentaries

Onpatinayirappadi A Commentary on Tiruvaymozhi (nine thousand granthas).

Commentary on Tiruppavai by Andal.
Commentary on Andadi by Poykaiazhvar, Putamazhvar and Peyazhvar.
Commentary on Kanninum ciruththampu by Madhurakavi azhvar.
Commentary on Tiruppallandu by Periyaazhvar.
Commentary on Saranaagathi gadhyam

His disciples include Nampillai and Sri Senaapathi jeeyar.

For information on other acharyas and their tiru nakshathrams
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Azhvaar emperumaanaar jeeyar tiruvadikalE Saranam.

Venkatesh K Elayavalli