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Lecture of Shri Velukuddi V. Krishnan swami

From: B. Narasimhan (
Date: Wed Mar 31 1999 - 07:51:23 PST

Shri !!
Sri Mathe Ramanujaya Namah !!
Srimathe BAla Dhanvhi Kuruvae Namah !!

Respected devotees,

Shri Velukuddi V. Krishnan swami needs no introduction to the Shri Vaishnava community. Following the foot steps of his father in delivering upansayams, he has even excelled him in his style and most importantly his presenting the Shri Vaishnava sampradayam in clear, lucid and easy to understand manner

The 9 day upanyasam on Shri Valmiki Ramaayanam is being held at Bharath Kalachar, and will concluded this week-end. To present the contents of the lecture here is impossible. It should only be reheard from the Swami himself.

The purpose for posting this article, is to share the Swami plan to spread the message of Emperumanar. He explained that the mininum thing a Vaishnava should know is pay respect to our poorvachariyars by honouring/reciting their thaniyans. Swami has devised a small box for this purpose to be distributed here in India.

The box with 4 sides will contail the following pictures on each of the sides

Side 1 :-  Picture of ThAyar and ThiruVenkatamudaiyan, with sloka "Shriyak Kanthaya kalyana ....."
Side 2 :- Picture of NamAzhwar with his thaniyan "Mata Pitha ..................."
Side 3 :- Picture of Udaiyavar with his thaniyan "Yothiyam Achutha............"
Side 4 :- (is left empty) - Each one should find his achariyan, get a picture of him along his achariyan's thaniyan.

As to what one should do with the box, the Swami explained..
Everyday ALL THE MEMBERS of the family should chant each of the thaniyan to-geather. Those who know should teach the unknowing.

The pictures can be removed and replaced with new ones. After a month or so, when everybody becomes familiar with the thaniyans, the thaniyan of other achariyars like Shri Kurathazhwan, Shri Mudaliyandan, Shri Embar etc will be placed instead and the process of learning to chant their thaniyan will be continued. 

The swami said that he would personally pray our Arangan at Shri Rangam and Shri Ranga Naachiyaar that this process should confer "ecchai"(desire to serve the Lord, which alone is in our hands) on the auspicious occasion of Shri Punguni Utthiram. The swami is back from Sri Rangam tommorrow(2/4/99) and will be distributing his box.

The box will also serve as a hundiyal. The swami prayed each and everyone, as a sign of reciting the thaniyan each day, the familiy should put Rs. 2/- in the hundiyal. The swami elobarated the following

1. The offering of money should be done every day only after the thaniyans are chanted. Posponement for 2 days and chanting the thaniyans twice and putting Rs.4/-  will not be entertained. 

2. Each family will be given only one box. The swami stressed that every body in family should be invited to participate in the reciting of the thaniyan.

This money will be collected by selected devotees( appointed by the Swami himself) coming to the respective houses and the money will be used for the following purposes 

1. Low priced edition of  books in Shri Vaishnava sampradayam are published by various institutions. Though the books are highly subsidised in price, still people find it difficult to buy. So 2/3 of the money will be used in the purchase of these low priced editions and will be distributed to the respective family personally.

2. Many upanyasams are conduted by various mahans. Some are able to attend while many are not due to various constraints. So important upanyasams will be recorded in cassettes and will be distributed to the respected family. This will benefit those who cannot participate in utsavams personally.

3. Organization of trips to divya desams like Azhwar Thirunagari, during important occasions like the forth coming Azhwar utsavam.

The remaining 1/3 money will be used for the performance of kaikariyams at various temples, some where there no money even to offer a little curd rice to the deities.

Adiyen requests the blessed devotees and elders to pass this information to their family in India and participate in this event. For furthur information any body could even contact the swami personally. The swami is available here in Chennai from tommorow and will continue the Ramayana upanyasam at Bharath Kalachar from 6:30pm daily till 6th April.  On the concluded day (6th April ) this holiness Shri Shri Thiurdandhi Narayana Jeeyar swami has offered to give his divine presence and bless us.

Aravinda Lochanana Ramanuja Dasan.

Azhwar Emperumanar Jiyer Thiruvadhighalae charanam