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Andal Thirukkalyanam celebrations in srivilliputtur-1999

From: Venkat Iyengar S. (
Date: Tue Mar 30 1999 - 12:33:41 PST

                      Srimathe Godaya Namaha

The Andal Thirukkalyana Brahmotsavam started on 2ist march this year
with the "Angoora Arpanam" followed by the "Senai mudhaliar purappadu"
on 22nd.with the dwajarohanam on 23rd and the thirunals thereafter
the climax reaches on 31st march(wednesday)-panguni uttaram day
when the thirukkalyanam will take place in the evening at the
Thirukkalyana mandapam( just at the entrance of the andal temple)
which would be decorated very well for the occassion

i will just mention some important events in the thirukkalyanam
which will take place on 3ist March at Srivilliputtur
       Rangamannar comes in paradesa kolam(for kasi yatrai) and sri 
periyazhwar father of the bride (Sri Andal) welcomes him with poorna kumbham.
Then the "thengay thondrudhal" function is held.
There is also the all important event  which is eagerly awaited by the 
devotees - the "malai marrudhal".  Sri Andal and Mannar come in 
front of each other and devotees from both the "sides"  compete with each 
other to exchange garlands from either side.sri andal and mannar then 
come to the thirukkalyana medai and then some "homamas" are performed.
The thirumangalyadharanam is performed after the homams.

            The  devotees would be filling up the entire entrance
and the narrow gaps around the thirukkalyana mandapam in large numbers.
usually around 6:30/7:00 pm in the evening one would be able to go  
near the Divya dampatis and have their sevai in a relaxed manner

Setaloor Sendalangaradasan
Venkat S Iyengar