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Re: Ramanavami date
Date: Tue Mar 30 1999 - 04:18:07 PST

Sriman Mani referred to a second date for   Ramanavami.
I have noticed this discrepancy for many other festivals including 
Krishna Jayanthi. 
For example Ugadi/Vishu (March 18 and April 14). This 
is because of Chandramana (Lunar) and Sauryamana (Solar) calanders.  I also
noticedt hat the Ramanavami on March 25 is called Chandra Ramanavami. 

Pongal is always by Solar calander. 
Sauramana system helps, as the festivals fall on the same day every year
(For example, Pongal-Makarasankranthi is on Jan 14/15, likewise
Baishaki/ Vishu on April 13/14.

When I was young, this worked out just fine.
 Our house SriJayanthi Thindis would last for approx. a month,
just in time for krishna Jayanthi in my sister's house.
This is one way for good amity between followers of
two different sampradayas I guess!

K. Sreekrishna Tatachar