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krithi on SrIman nArAyaNan

From: V. Chandrasekaran (
Date: Tue Mar 30 1999 - 01:11:58 PST

Dear members,
     Pls. accept adiyEn's namaskArams.
     adiyEn wishes to post the following tamizh krithi on SrIman nArAyaNan.

This krithi is set to sahAnA rAgam. (this can be sung in rAgamAlikA also).


     ellAm ninnaruL nArAyaNA!
     ihatthilum paratthilum endRum    (ellAm)

     SOkham ennum mAyam nIki
     vEgam kAttith thunbam theerppadhellAm ...

     eduttha piRavigaL aLavida villai!
     edukkap pOvadhO aRiyavE illai!
     bhOga vAzh~vil inbam illai - endRu
     yOga nIdhi vagutthuRaith thadhellAm ...


     everything here, and beyond in iha-para lOkAs is 
     your Grace nArAyaNA!

     it's your Grace that removes the illusion of sorrow.
     it's your Grace that erases all the sufferings that we undergo
     in the samsAric cycles.

    [dear bhAgawathAs! i wanted to bring in here the philosophy that 
     all that is termed sorrow in this material life is due to illusion,
     that we are really affected. it's His Grace that gently reminds us
     time and again that it's not true.]

     I know not the count of my past-lifes and
     I know not the ones, to come;

     it's your Grace that reminds that "Real Happiness is not in
     in the bhOga vAzhkai (samSaram)" and gifted the Great yOga
     sAsthram with all the needed guidelines (for attaining Him).