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From: V. Chandrasekaran (
Date: Sun Mar 28 1999 - 23:12:47 PST

Dear members,
     Pls. accept adiyEn's namaskArams.

     In chapter 2 of SrImad BG, there is this verse:

    'avyakthAdhIni bhUthAni vyaktha madhyAni bhArathA |
     avyaktha nidhanAn yEva thathrakA paridhEvanA || '

     In this BhagawAn says, 
    `beings are unmanifested in the beginning, manifested in the middle 
     and again unmanifested in the end'

    adiyEn doesn't understand the literal (layman's) meaning of this. 
What is the layman's meaning of the term unmanifested (avyaktham) and
manifested (vyaktham) ?

    Looking forward to your kind reply.

As rightly BhagawAn says in the very next verse,

' ......
  AScharyavachchaina manya Sr'uNOthi 
  Sr`uthvApyEnam vEdha nachaiva kaSchith ', 

adiyEn could only get dazzled by hearing these lofty philosophies and 
not really grasp them.