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Re: Rama navami
Date: Sat Mar 27 1999 - 05:24:39 PST

Dear devotees

According to SK Ramachandra Rao's Pratima kosha and Shalagrama kosha
(Kalpatharu Research Academy, Bangalore), the Pancaratra lists all the
dasavatara's appearance days. He produces those dates but does not give the
reference for the specific Pancaratra. Rama is noted as having appeared in
Chaitra sukla 9. Does anyone knows the Pancaratra reference   for this or for
the other  one mentioned by Mani?

Gerald Surya

In a message dated 3/26/99, 11:11:42 PM, writes:

Unrelated topic but important issue:

I just found out that pAncarAtra SrI rAma navami is actually
next month.  Some members of our list (particularly those
in the Thengalai sampradAyam) will be observing SrI rAma navami
next month.

Can someone explain why there is this date difference?
I apologize for not noting this discrepancy earlier.