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Rama Navami question (and unrelated answer)

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Fri Mar 26 1999 - 17:53:56 PST

A few weeks ago, Sri Sudarshan asked:

> Who composed the Desikan "taniyan" 
> "vAdidbhava-sirO-bhanga panchA~nana parakrama-ha I
>  sriman venkata-natharya chiram vijayatAm bhuvi  II"

I believe this is by one Dindima Kavi, a great poet
in his own right. I do not know the date of Dindima Kavi,
nor his relation to Swami Desika.

> Why is it that among SriVaishnava laity and orthodoxy, some
> sections like those belonging to the "munitreeya-sampradAyam" do NOT
> recite this "taniyan" ?

This sloka is included in the saaRRumuRai krama of 
Sri Uttamur Viraraghavachariar Swami, one of the standard-
bearers of the munitraya tradition. Some other munitraya
followers may not recite this (I have no idea why).


Unrelated topic but important issue:

I just found out that pAncarAtra SrI rAma navami is actually
next month.  Some members of our list (particularly those
in the Thengalai sampradAyam) will be observing SrI rAma navami
next month.

Can someone explain why there is this date difference?
I apologize for not noting this discrepancy earlier.