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Tirumalai staying etc..

From: P.B. Anand (
Date: Thu Mar 25 1999 - 07:56:35 PST

Dear Sri Mahavishnu :

May I add to Sriman Varadhan's message : the Periya Jeear 
MAdam is your best bet (close to the temple; you can have 
a chance to have Jeear Swamy's anugraham and contact 
Ekangi swamy and know the exact time of sattumurai and in 
fact come along with them). However, if there is any 
problem there, you have a few other places as well. A 
number of madams have been built just adjacent to the 
gardens roughly a quarter of mile (WNW direction) behind 
the Srivari Sannidhi (and approach them from the north 
west corner of Swamy Pushkarini). Sri Tridandi 
Sreemannarayana Jeear Swamy vari Ramanujakoodam is also 
located there. As Sriman Varadhan has already pointed 
out, no matter where you would like to say, you may like 
to go there first and inform them of your needs. 

P.B. Anand