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Ramaa! nee samaanam evaru?

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Thu Mar 25 1999 - 01:41:36 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

I am reminded of a great Tamil verse of Kambhan on Sri Rama naamam- the
Divine Name that can fetch us anything and everything. I place that verse
humbly for the enjoyment of Bhagawathas, Rama bhakthas, on this Janamdhin of
Sri Rama. Rama-the Red Lotus eyed Lord of the Greatest Beauty, the
embodiment of Heroism and Generosity, the most merciful, Most Compassionate
Lord, who said "I am only on ordinary human geing". (AtmAnaam maanusham
manyE Raamam dhasarathaatmajam." What a modesty! He lived the role of a
human suffering all the while! 

Rama shabhdham can do wonders to the devotee who utters the Divine Name of

nanmaiyum selvamum naaLum nalgumE/ thiNmaiyum paavamum sidhaindhu thEyumE/ 
jenmamum maraNamum inRi theerumE/ immaiyE "Raamaa" enRa iraNdu

When one simply says or utters "Raamaa", one is blessed to receive all good
qualities, and most ausipicious, most prosperous life. All bad karmas and
karmic diseases will all vanish. one is thoroughly freed of all furture
cycles of births and deaths. One will continue to enjoy in the glory of the
Divine name Rama and is in Rama bhakthi saamraajyam.

Jaya Jaya Mahaa veerA! Raamaa! Sri RamachandrA! ChathurmukhEswara mukhai
puthra pouthadhishaalinE! Namas sIthA samEthaaya Ramaaya gruhamEdinE...
(Sivan - the Grandson and BrahmA- the son all belong to Your family and
gruham, SitA Rama! nee samaanam evaru? 

Sahasra naama thatthulyam Rama naama varaaNanE..

Sri SitA LakshmaNa Bharatha Chathrugna Hanumath samEtha Sri Ramachandra
ParabrahmaNE Namah:

Ram Ram 

Narayan dAsan Madhavakkannan