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SrI rAma navami

From: V. Chandrasekaran (
Date: Thu Mar 25 1999 - 01:11:54 PST

Dear members,
    Kindly accept adiyEn's namaskArams.
    I wish to dedicate the following krithi in thamizh at the holy feet of 
kOdhaNDam-kayilEndhum-puNDarika-kaNNan-rAman on this SrI rAma navami day.
(While it remains that adiyEn doesn't have any music jn~anam, by His karuNai, 
adiyEn acquired a little through listening.) Music jn~anis in this mailing 
list, kindly pardon and correct any errors and treat this an innocent attempt 
to pour out one's inner thoughts.

adiyEn had originally set this krithi to "navarasa kAnada" rAgam (in tune with
"ninuvina nAmadhi endhu" of SrI thyAgarAjA).

   sindhippadhu rAman nAmam
   pUjippadhu avan poRpAdham                (sindhippadhu...)

anu pallavi:
   sindhippadhAl uNdu Anma kshEmam
   pUjippadhAl uNdu mOksha lAbham           (sindhippadhu...)

   bhavappiNiyai thIrkkum naRkadhiyai chErkkum
   selvamellAm thoRka pErAnandham kodukkum
   mAnidarAi piRandha payan idhuvandRO ?!
   AnadhinAlE allum pagalum manam           (sindhippadhu...)


   let meditation be on the Holy name of our rAman
   let worship be to His Holy Feet

   by meditating (His name) one attains well being of one's soul.
   by worshipping (His lotus feet) one gains mOksham (by His Grace).

   (His name) cures the disease of repeated births;
   (His name) takes one to the Ultimate goal (parAgathi);
   (His name) gives one the Supreme bliss that can't be given by all 
              the material wealth;
   (after all) isn't this (to meditate His name and attain Him) the 
   purpose of human birth? so let our mind do this every moment.

   If there are any flaws in the thatthuvam (essence) of this song
kindly point out so adiyEn can correct. 

   I am personally troubled by my own words in the anupallavi. Is
it correct to say "one GAINS mOksham" by His grace. Can we call it
a gain? Of course one can't take this in material sense.

   adiyArkku adiyavan,