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ramajayanti nirnaya - ahnika grantha - ahobilamuth

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 16:50:39 PST

Dear friends,

As per Ahnika grantha of H.H 45th jeer of Ahobilamuth,  after one does 
aradhana on ramajayanti day (25th march 99), one can have food that is 
offered to sri Sita Rama.

This is in opposition to the rules prescribed in " Sri Gopala Desika's 
Ahnika Grantha", which suggests, as sri Mani varadarajan read out on the 
phone - naraka for those who eat on navami day!! NO Mincing of Words -!

Guess which mutt I belong to?   !!

It is not a joke.  I feel we are let out easy.  One will enjoy definitely a 
good Rama navami, if they fast, since fasting helps out bhakti to many.  Of 
course there are others...... for whom fasting makes them RRREAAALYYY  MAD 

adiyen Krishna Kalale