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Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 12:26:50 PST

Dear  Sri Mahavishnu
You may stay either at Ahobila Matam complex or Periyasramam complex on top of
the hills . I give below the contact addresses. You may write to them
sufficiently early for reserving rooms. They are very roomy with all modern
amenities. They know me  as the President of Swami Desika Darsana Satsangam,
USA. You may use my name, if you like. 

Contact at Ahobila Matam, Tirumalai
Sri Chellappa (Ref: Vijayaraghava Iyengar)

Contact at Periyasramam, Tirumalai
Sri Damal Varadachariar
As for food, if you inform these gentlemen in advance (not absolutely
necessary, though), they will do the needful.

If you want a closer, longer darshan, You must accompany the Jeeyar Swami,
early in the morning. Please ascertain the exact timings . This keeps changing
from day to day depending on other programs in the temple. For this seva, You
have to wear Poonool and the Tiruman- Srichoornam and if you are a Grihsta you
should wear the traditional Panchakatcham. But, the most important thing which
people usually forget is that one should shave off the sideburns . If you
sport sideburns  in the Jeeyar Goshti., you are sure to be denied access.

I think, Vijaya Bank is open round the clock but I am not quite sure.
Hope this helps.
Anbil Ramaswamy