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From: V.Srimahavishnu (
Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 08:25:43 PST

    Dear BhAgavatas,
            namO namah.I am going to Madras in April first week on some
work.Will try to visit PerumALs at triplicane and Tirumala-Tirupati.
   I will very much appreciate if any BhAgavata mails me information
in relation to the the following queries.
    I know that there are arrandgements made by Sri Vaishnava institutions
like Ahobilam mutt, Andavan Asramam for the stay of Sri Vaishnavas, at
Tirupati.Where are they(on the hills/in the town)?Is prasAdam(food) 
available at any of these places?Also is it necessary that one has to be
in traditional attire(I don't have even poonool)?What are the timings of
Vijaya Bank counter on hills for obtaining a ticket for suprabhAta/ThOmAla
                                   SrI VEnkatESa charaNau SaraNam prapadyE