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From: sudarshan madabushi (
Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 02:25:33 PST

Dear members,
Re: Sriman Sadagopan's note:

"The encouragement that I have given
to the talented essayist , Sriman Sudarshan is
to write about Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha KarAvalampana 
Sthothram and not about Soundarya Lahari in the Bhakthi
forum . There should not be any confusion on
this point ."

This is absolutely right.

I hope I have not caused the "confusion". Sriman Sadagopan and all the 
other members whom I named wrote to me w.r.t only the LNKS and not to 
the S-L.

I did not in the first place raise any questions or issues about S-L 
except to state in passing that it had poetic virtues.
Everything else other members have had to say on this matter (and indeed 
what a lot everyone has had to say!) the past week are simply no way 
connected or related to the simple and uncomplicated task I had set out 
to do viz. to pen or "essay" (as Sri.Sadagopan would have it) a few 
thoughts on the LNKS. 

This is just to set the record straight.


P.S. In lighter vein (and I mean no offence to anyone here), may I be 
permitted to say that the 'bhakti-list' seems to have outdone our 
mythical "purANa-s" in recording the first ever instance of a "yuddham" 
between "mahavishnu and sudarshan"! 

Come on, guys... can't you laugh a bit... please ?! 

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