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Periya Thirumozhi 2.5- KaNNaarak kaNdukoNdEn thalasayanatthE...

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Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In Periya Thirumozhi 2.5, ThirumangaiAzhwAr proceeds to enjoy the 
greatness of Thirrukadanmallai Divya dEsam and advises us that He alone 
is the upaayam; and except for Him, all others will lead us astray and 
keep us deeply suffering in samsaaric afflictions. He alone is capable 
of remving and destroying our enemies. Pay obeisance to such Greatest 
Lord of Thirukkadanlmallai and be saved!

This Thirukkadanmallai sthalam is none other than Mahabhalipuram. (40 
miles from Madras and 7 miles from Thiruvidavendhai).

Moolavar: Sthalasayana PerumAL. Sayana ThirukkOlam (in reclining 
posture). Facing East. The right hand is kept on His chest showing jnAna 
mudrA, saying "PigaiAzhwAr's jnAna thamizh purindha naan". 

Uthsvar: SthlasayanatthuRaivaar (Standing posture to save the world- 
ulaguyya ninRaan); Thaayaar: Nila mangai thaayaar; (Separate sannidhi); 
theertham: PuNdareeka PudhakariNi; Garuda Nadhi; Prathyaksham to 
PuNdareeka Maharishi. 

VishEsham of this sthalam: BhUthatthAzhwAr avataata sthalam. PuNdareeka 
Maharishi, once, desired to perform his archanai to KsheerAbhinAthan 
(may be mentally) and was gathering Lotus flowers. When he was 
proceeding towards east, there was this Ocean (Bay of Bengal) on the 
way. He, due to his extreme devotion) started emptying the ocean waters 
using his hands. The Lord, appeared as an old brahmin, in front of the 
Rishi and asked for food. When  Rishi went back to bring food, 
Emperumaan lied down on the floor (as if He lies down on AdhisEshan at 
ThiruppaaRkadal) gracefully adoring the flowers brought by the rishi. At 
His Feet, stands PuNdareeka Maharishi. (This temple is supposed to have 
belonged to PiLLailOkAchArya) 

1. The Lord- My Emperumaan- who had swallowed the vast universe and 
brought out later, who is so pleasing to the eyes like the Red Coral, 
who is like a pillar for us to hold Him firm and tight, who is so sweet 
like the nectar (amirdham), who reclines so beautifully on the Ocean 
where pearls and Sapphires are abundant, who is the Strongest one to 
have torn apart the Kesi asuran, who is my Master, who is like the Sugar 
cane to His devotees, who broke the tusk of kuvalayaapeetam elephant, 
who is like the Lion in a battle field, who crawled in front of two 
marudha trees, who has got the most Beautiful mot Divine ThirumEni 
(Body), who removed the sorrow of dark, beautiful GajEndran, who showed 
Himself (as the Primordial Chief to the world, in the process)- Such 
Greatest Lord- I have seen Him at Thirukadalmallai (or Kadanmallai). 

2. Don't waste your time reading all your life and learning all those 
ramble from others who are lowly selves (and are NOT the devotees of 
Sriman Narayanan) thinking that those words are the ultimate truths and 
working as their servants. To get saved, come here. Pay obeisance to my 
Emperumaan to whom I pay my obeisance. He is worshipped as "the Father" 
by the likes of me (other Bhagawathas). He is worshipped and praised by 
learned ones. He is immeasurable. He is my Swami. He has got the Pearl 
like ThirumEni and is standing at ThiruninRavoor sthalam. He is the One 
who destroyed the KaaNdaavanam, with fire. I have seen Him at 

3. (Here AzhwAr brings Empermaan's Parathvam and His greatness to the 
attention of ALL THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW OR REALISE THAT.) "udamburuvil 
moonRu enRaay moorthi vERaay ulaguyya ninRaanai …. " Sarveshwaran is the 
One who stands at the antharAthmA of Sivan and Brahma and in order to 
protect the world He became three (Trinity- VishNu, Sivan and Brahma) by 
Himself becoming VishNu and executing His will as the antharyaami of 
BrahmA and Sivan, while He is not bounded by them and their actions. He 
is the Most wonderful One to have sucked the life of Puthanai rAkshasi 
by sucking her poisonous breast milk. He is the One who took such a 
Sowlabhya avthaar of cowherd boy Kutti KaNNan for chasing the cattle and 
calves. He is SUCH A SOWABHYAN AND SO MERCIFUL to let the calves learn 
to drink water by His own enactment by entering into the ponds on the 
way and shows by His hands to drink water. (Ahaaaa… What an imagination! 
What a description by AzhwAr! Enna sowlabhyam!) He is the One who stands 
at the temple of Thanjavur (?) as the Only means for reaching Him. He is 
the One who (is going to ) wander on the Horse (as Kalki avataar) to 
save and protect the world. I have seen such Greatest lord at 

4. pEy thaayai mulai uNda piLLai thannai… The little infant boy who had 
expressed desire to suck the demonic Puthanai's breast milk. The 
mischievous warrior Lord, who had played with the tusks of dark huge 
elephant. The Lord who lived eating butter and curd from the darting 
deer eyed YasOdhA. The Lord who is sweetest nectar to Brahmins (His 
devotees)  (If He is not sweet to Brahmins, then he is not a brahmin. I 
am not saying AzhwAr says." AndhaNartham amudhatthai..) The One who 
joined with the cowherd women folks; the One danced with the pot; the 
One who lifted the huge mountain to protect the cattle form their 
sorrows due to torrential downpour! My Swami- I have seen Him at 

5.  The Lord- who had kicked the wheel -sakataasuran and simply 
destroyed him, with His cute little Red Lotus Feet; the One enjoyed 
Himself lying down on the little Banyan leaf as small baby; the One who 
has got the huge large broad four strong shoulders like the mountains of 
lustrous pearls or emerald stones; the One who is Swami to all; who 
hugged the Beautiful shoulders of BhUmi piraaTTi; The One made the 
wrestlers (appointed by duryOdhanan to let KaNNan fall from the illusory 
seat (poyyasanam)) get finished off when He had gone to duryOdhanan's 
sabha (parliament) as a messenger for paaNdavaas. I have seen such 
Greatest Lord - my Swami at Thirukkadalmallai. (emmaanaik kaNdu koNdEn 

6. The Lord, who is having his Yoga nithrA on AdhisEshan at 
ThiruppaaRkadal (Milky Ocean);  Ramapiraan, who ran behind the lovely 
deer, that had beautiful golden spots on its body all over its body, 
which was so fondly sought and asked for by SitA PiraaTTi; KaNNa piraan, 
who plucked the tusk of strong elephant kuvalayaapeetam; Varaaha mUrthy, 
who had brought the Mother earth back on His horn; Thirivikraman whose 
Feet became just too Big  for measuring the whole Universe and the vast 
Space; He grew so Big as Thirvikraman; I have seen such Greatest lord at 

7. The Lord who crushed the asurAs of rAvaNan (who were ignorant of 
SarvEshwaran's capabilities), with His strong shoulders (by His fighting 
in the battle); the Great warrior, who tore the chest of hiraNyan; the 
Garudavaahanan, who reclines on Adhiseshan at the wavy ThiruppARkadal; 
the One who sucked the poisonous breast milk of rAkshasi Puthanai as if 
it is the tastiest amudham (nectar); the One who stays in the heart 
willingly and lovingly of those who are pained at heart to hear such 
horror incident that has happened to our Kutti KaNNan! (pollaadha 
rAkshasi naasamaappOga; kuzhandhaiyai vandhu kolluvaaLO orutthi? 
Manasudhaan varumO?- then He is there to stay!) I- WHO HAD BEEN 

8. (AzhwAr enjoys Bhagawaan's greatness and merciful nature to take even 
the form of that which does NOT suit His Purushathvam by taking Mohini 
avathaaram for the sake of His BhakthAs - Devas in this case) PerumAn- 
the One who took the Mohini avtaar as a lady to deceive the asurAs and 
prevent them from eating the amudham; Such deceitful Lord- is the One 
who grew so huge and ferocious as Narasinghan and appeared from the 
pillar with the shining crescent like white sharp teeth; the One who 
reclines at Thirumaayyam on the top of AnanthaaAzhwAn; the One who has 
got infinite unbounded limitless most auspicious attributes (kalyANa 
guNAs); the One who has long, dark, beautiful, darting, large, ruddy 
lined red Lotus like lovely eyes; (adadaaaa… I wish I had been villi 
daasar to enjoy those eyes of Sri Ranganatha as shown By YathirAjar) . I 
have seen Him to my complete satisfaction of my eyes - at 
Thirukkadalmallai. (kaNNaarak kaNdukoNdEn thalasyanatthE..)

9. This EmperumAn has got the lovely two Lotus Feet, most fit to be 
worshipped, praised and served by His devotees / servants. This Lord is 
the One who let the body of that strongest- unbeaten great King rAvaNan, 
(who did not think "Let me be saved by serving The Lotus Feet of 
Emperumaan who measured the whole Universe in His two steps, as 
Trivikraman") be eaten by animals and eagles; The Lord- who can be seen 
and realised  by six a~ngas with AchArya upadEsam, by the four permanent 
Vedas and five yaghams is seen by this lowly self- His servant at 

10. These ten pAsurams of Kaliyan - Thirumangai AzhwAr with rhythm and 
set to tune, are on: SarvEshwaran- who sleeps on AnanthAzhwAn; who 
angered at, and caused the death of, asura chief hiraNyan; the little 
KaNNan, who crawled between the two marudha trees and made them fall 
down; the Beautiful Lord - Red Lotus Eyed Lord- Rajeeva lOchanan- 
Aravidha lOchanan- SenthaamaraikkaNNan- Lord of Thirukkadalmallai who 
sleeps on the earth. Those who read these ten pAsurams (and/or these 
meanings) will have ALL THEIR SORROWS AND KARMIC DISEASES removed down 
to the roots.      

ThirumangaiAzhwAr AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan 

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