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RE: Sriman NaarAyaNA's parathvam

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Tue Mar 23 1999 - 20:26:12 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

That was the usual yet another excellent post from our dear Sri Sadagopan.
Its great explanations and rich narration reminded me of another superb post
(the author's name, I have forgotten) in another list. I remember the words
because I have memorised for its great impact. 

It is tiltled "Essence of All SaashtrA"

Essence of All SAstra-s, as nicely mentioned by SrImad azhagiya singar:

1. Only SrIman-nArAyaNa & none other than SrIman-nArAyaNa, is the Supreme

2. Only SrIman-nArAyaNa & none other than SrIman-nArAyaNa, is the only Means
to reaching the only Supreme Reality, SrIman-nArAyaNa.

3. Serving SrIman nArAyaNa in SrI-vaikuNTham (ie mOksham) is the only
Supreme Goal.

That's all there is to know!

What a lovely dynamite packed great Truth!

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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