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Re: Doubts vs Questions

From: Venkat Nagarajan (
Date: Tue Mar 23 1999 - 10:38:23 PST

Dear Bhagavatas,

The words doubt and question are often used as synonyms for each
other; however, in the context of inquiry into the nature of reality, the
word question carries a positive connotation where as the word doubt
carries a negative connotation.  The word doubt implies a lack of
confidence; where as the word question implies a sentence of inquiry
that asks for a reply.  Once  a strong conviction about the nature of
reality (as opposed to a faith) manifests itself, in ones mind, the word
doubt ceases to exist.  Such a person, only has questions; these
questions arise due to his or her limitations (due to the load of Karma)
and not due to any problem with the Siddantham.  In due time, all
questions will come to be answered, either through reading scripture,
experience, or some other means.   The siddantham is most perfect, it
explains the nature of reality in a most perfect manner; it leaves no room
for doubt, however, questions arise due to our limitations.  This is my
conviction; I speak as one who has many questions (due to my own
limitations), but no doubts.