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Re: Parathvam of Sriman Narayanan

From: Rajan Srinivasan (
Date: Mon Mar 22 1999 - 21:31:12 PST

Dear Sri Madhavakkannan,

It was indeed reassuring to read your mail and I could only immediately

Lakshminatha samArambAm.... As you have appropriately said, with the
guidance of our AchAryas one should never give room to such doubts.


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From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan
To: 'Rajan Srinivasan'
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 1999 2:23 AM
Subject: Parathvam of Sriman Narayanan

+AD4-Dearest Sri Rajan Srinivasan,
+AD4-This refers to your last para of your post (on Soundharyalahari).
+AD4-Your wrote:
+AD4-Why our religion has many Gods and why Bhagawatas should compare notes? I
+AD4-not very sure if I have framed my query properly. But I am sure everyone
+AD4-will appreciate the confusion in the minds of an ordinary person like me.
+AD4-interpretation of Vedic truths and sruthis that have given rise to. Have no
+AD4-doubts - not even an iota of suspicion. You are a prince, dear+ACE- Your
+AD4-ancestors have inherited a great treasure. Don't feel great thinking that
+AD4-you are the rich begger among beggers. +ACI-HasthimE hasthisailaagrE vasthu
+AD4-paithaamaham dhanam+ACI-
+AD4-VyAsar wrote Vedantha sUthram, wherein he ascertained the supremacy of
+AD4-Sriman Narayna in his sUtram, and raised his hands above his head three
+AD4-times and proclaimed that Sriman Narayna is the Parathvam. (sathyam sathyam
+AD4-punas sathyam ....vedAs saastrA param deivam kEsavaath param).
+AD4-This sUtram was detailed and commented to a great extent by BhOdhAyanar in
+AD4-his Brahma sUthram. After BrahmasUthram, Brahmanandhi (dunkar, Dhramidar,
+AD4-GuhadEvar) had also written purports for Brahma sUthram but are lost
+AD4-somewhere and are not available for us unfortunately.  (Brahma sUthram was
+AD4-later unearthed and studied by Sri RamanujA and understood for his
+AD4-establishing the VishishtAdvaitaic traditions.) Sri Ramanujar established
+AD4-and re-organised the Sri VaishNava SiddhAntham and explained the conflicts
+AD4-and wrong interpretations in other SiddhAnthams and in other religions. Our
+AD4-AchArya Paramparai (Guru Parampara) traces back to Sriman Narayanan and
+AD4-MahAlakshmi Themselves and is associated with such Greatest sampradayam.
+AD4-Siddhaantham of AchArya RamanujA is an unambiguous most accurate
+AD4-interpretation of all Vedic statements- I repeat ALL VEDIC STATEMENTS, with
+AD4-no contradictions to sruthis. It is our Dearest Sri Ramanujacharya whose
+AD4-Sookthis have thrown light on ALL VEDIC DOCTRINES and interpreted most
+AD4-accurately. (listen to the upanyaasam of Srimad Andavan of Pundareekapuram
+AD4-Ashramam on Yathiraja Sapthathi (released in 7 audio cassettes)
+AD4-Sriman NarayaNan along with His consort Sri MahAlakshmi alone is the God
+AD4-(Deivam). He is the Primordial Chief. He is the Chief of all dEvAs,
+AD4-including Sivan and BrahmA. Vedas proclaim that Sriman NarayaNan is the
+AD4-ParamAthmA, PeramporuL and ParanjOthi. VedAs also say that except Him all
+AD4-including dEvas, Sivan, BrahmA and Indran are all jIvans. Being born a
+AD4-SrivaishNavA and/or a bhakthA of Sriman NarayaNA, we need not worship other
+AD4-devatAs. We are related to the Great King Himself+ADs- why to go and beg the
+AD4-army chief, minister or the Gate keeper?
+AD4-VedAs and SaastrAs say that even to think of Sivan and BrahmA and other
+AD4-dEvas as equal to God is a great sin (mahApaapam). For that matter, Sivan
+AD4-and BrahmA themselves are great bhaktAs of Sriman NarayaNA. It is due to
+AD4-their triguNa sambhandham (like rajO, thamas and sathva guNAs) Sivan gets
+AD4-into the enemy's (asurA- bhANAsura's) side. Our Sriman narayana is of Pure
+AD4-Suddha Sathvam.
+AD4-When GajEndrA shouted for help +ACI-AdhimoolamE+ACEAIg- (Primordial Chief+ACE-) it is NOT
+AD4-any name of God, he called-please note+ACE- It is just calling the Primordial
+AD4-Chief, the first one- the Parathvam+ACE- Nobody dared come claiming for
+AD4AIg-Adhimoolam+ACI- post, it is our Sweet Lord Sriya: Pathih Sriman Naraynan who
+AD4-appeared IMMDIATELY on GarudA and saved the elephant. You may tell that it
+AD4-is only the name and rose by any name will smell as sweet. But it is vEdAs
+AD4-(which are eternal and apaurushEyam) that proclaim that Sriman Naraynana is
+AD4-the Supreme Godhead. It is not just a name. It is kaaraNa peyar+ADs- name with
+AD4-meaning in it+ADs- naaram  ayaNam is Narayanan. (You need to study this Divine
+AD4-name of Narayana and His meanings under the Feet of your AchAryan).
+AD4-Hence, we should pay obeisance to only Sriman Narayanan. We are His Seshan
+AD4-(servants). Even uttering His name alone will yield tremendous benefits
+AD4-in this world and in the next. ( Sivan, himself tells Parvathi to utter
+AD4-naamam, when enquired by her as to which is equal to the Thousand names of
+AD4-VishNu. - Do we need any other proof?)
+AD4-For us, only vEdAs are the moola pramaaNam. (The proof). VedAs were not
+AD4-created by anybody. They are apaurushEyam. Vedas proclaim the Glories of
+AD4-Emperumaan Sriman NarayaNan.
+AD4-Narayana Narayana
+AD4-Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan